Intervention War

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The Intervention War
Name: The Intervention War
Alts: The BC - clipchip war, The BC - McMafia War
Status: Ended through Armistice

Formed: November 23rd, 2019
Disbanded: February 2020

Clans: Bloc for Clans, The Dominion, The Conspiracy, Shadow Mcmafia


The Intervention War is a response to McMafia and its allies aggression to many of the member states of the Bloc for Clans and plans to start a server wide war with any that stand in their way. Unlike The Holy Wilbur-Francis War, which occurred only weeks prior, there is no cooperation in setting up battles or signing treaties. All battles have taken place at random, in /world, or near spawn, and active bases have been annexed. As such, this is a much less friendly war.

At the end of the war, over 9 bases were griefed or leaked, over 20 geared players were killed and spawn was changed forever due to flooding all directly/indirectly as a result of the Intervention war.

Declaration of War - Organised Conflict Begins

After suffering 9 months of hard abuse from the forces of the Shadow MCMAFIA and the Conspiracy, many newer players and groups including Caudices, Antzakes1, and the Church of Francis united under the Bloc in an effort to rid the world of MCMAFIA, clipchip and his aggressive allies. Another reason the Bloc felt it necessary to try rid simpvp of McMafia was the plans their fuhrer at the time was planning, which included a full scale invasion on all the server and any that stood in their way. This is where the name 'The Intervention War' came from as the BC was intervening the McMafia invasion.

While these groups have had enduring conflicts between each other in the past, they deemed the raids and threats of the Conspiracy to be a larger threat to their safety and prosperity. Throughout early November, they secured their allies, built up their supplies, and joined a coalition, with most discussions being held within the Bloc for Clans discord. In late November, AntHand on behalf of the Bloc, formally declared war against clipchip, McMafia and its allies. Whether or not this was taken seriously by the opposition, a great invasion was soon to commence.


On December 7th, the combined forces of the Bloc for Clans launched a massive raid on MCCAPITAL, which had been leaked to Lord1 by an unknown source. In total, the invasion had 12 fully kitted soldiers. The invasion took place with no counterattacks, and soon a large wall was erected, splitting the newly conquered territory between Caudices and the Francillians. The intentions of the Bloc's invasion here was to use MCCAPITAL as leverage to overthrow JavelinFury (the then Fuhrer of mcmafia) and instate Cheesy as the new Fuhrer.


Unknown to many before the raid, the MCCAPITAL actually had very little to do with the clipchip or mcmafia as a whole, instead it was mostly built and operated by cheesy_chips22. Understandably, cheesy became angry and tore down the wall, and nobody returned to reassert dominance, although Cheesy was soon to leave mcmafia and join the Bloc.


Invasion of Ascaris - The Dominion joins the War

Joint BC-Yittrium forces launched an invasion headed by Lord1 and Ostrich1414 on Ascaris on November 23rd, dividing the territory between them as was done with MCCAPITAL between the Church and Caudices.

Ascaris Colonization.png

Ascaris border.png

an image showing the border created by the BC and Yittrium.

Shorty after the invasion, a unknown person completely blew the city up. It's thought that because of the vast amount of people exposed to its coords that day, one of them griefed the city although some people suspect the Dominion for the grief. The Dominion joined the war around this time as they have an alliance with MCMAFIA.



On the 27th of December 2019, three Bloc troops advanced into BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBixieland with the intent to claim it. They were completely un-opposed and were successful in disabling farms and asserting claim on the fairly inactive city.


M_BRIX came to the base with the idea that there was a party happening there but was soon to find out he gave away that he knew of a portal hub connected to the base. Lord1 and Antzakes1 interrogated him in an effort for him to give away access to the hub although they lead BRIX to kill himself by flying into lava.

Activity Slows to a Crawl

After the annexations of bixieland and elondusk, the mcmafia began to slowly fall apart. /World blockades imposed by the BC violently interrupted commerce for many mcmafia members, leading several to distance themselves from the team, or in sellout9's case, leave it entirely. Despite this success, no confrontations between Dominion/Conspiracy forces and the BC would occur for several months other than few small skirmishes in and around spawn. As of early January 2020, no new bases have been uncovered or raided either.

Results of The Sigil Conflict

After The Sigil Conflict had resulted in the abandonment and leak of Sigil, Lord1 was very unpopular amongst the members and the members allies. This includes Seventwoworlds who succumbed to The Dominion and leaked Cutman's (a trusted Francillian warrior) base to them. The base was griefed in a Dominion video as well as the leaking of the base 'Francistan', a base founded by Wolfiee_, Unix and Lord1 on the 7th of September. Francistan was earlier leaked to the Dominion by e_lee who did this for unknown reasons, speculated by the Church to simply be bored of the base. Despite Francistan being abandoned and scrapped on November 3rd and the builds still being intact, this was a definite loss for the Church.

Hearing the news about Cutmans base, Lord1 retaliated against Seventwo by griefing and raiding his unnamed base.

.Yeeting cutmans base.png

Reignition of Conflict

In late January and early February, following the dissolution of the Second Siege, conflicts once again soared. Many battles occurred in a short span of time, and the war's death toll rose.

The Betrayal of Oneword

On the 9th of February 2020, Zepheron tricks Cheesy_chips22 into thinking Lord1 was manipulating him into getting coords, making Cheesy angry at Lord causing him to leak the coords of Oneword (a non-BC base holding a few BC members) to Zepheron. Lord hears that Zeph has coords to Oneword and completely evacuates the base's valuables as well as breaking all its portals. Shortly after, the base was griefed by Lord, Tenced, iPyxis, SaluutSFR, Ostrich1414 and CrackyJoe.

Although it wasn't a BC base and therefore not a BC loss, the incentive to raid and grief it was to back the axis's side of the war.

Operation MB II

Operation MB II (Moist Boiz 2) was a plan drafted by the BC to discourage crystal pvp in the spawn region by completely flooding spawn making it difficult to place end crystals, giving BC personnel the upper hand when it comes to pvp as they focus less on crystal pvp and more on sword/bow pvp. The Operation started on the 18th of February.

Spawn dry.png

Spawn wet.png

End of the War

After a vote is held in the Bloc discord, the majority votes to end the war as a 'stalemate' as the Bloc had succeeded their goal to kill MCMAFIA as most members either left and joined the BC or went inactive. Despite this, some MCMAFIA members joined the Dominion.

Grief of Atacfauxpas's base

Despite the war being over, the Dominion and the remaining MCMAFIA continue their aggression towards the BC and on the first of March 2020 after TheOnly was invited to Atac's base by Atac, clipchip, TheOnlySlash and Zepheron turned up with the intent on griefing it due to players such as Lord1, Egnaroky, AntHand and iPyxis building there, after blowing up the base Zepheron was crystalled by Lord1 who was watching whilst invis from afar.

Atacfauxpas grief.png


Success in different regions

By looking at the win and loss rate in the /world and spawn theatres, it is clear that the BC holds the advantage in /world and Axis holds the advantage at spawn. The reason for this is primarily due to BC's specific focus on trade blockades and Dominion's focus on spawn camping. The tactics employed by both groups also effects the outcome of the skirmishes. Dominion's skilled use of crystals is perfectly suited to spawn, given the extreme terrain variation and obsidian laying about on the Spawn Roads, lavacasts, and siege structures. With /world on Easy, crystals are much less effective. BC held some of the best elytra fighters, including Antzakes1, who employs attrition-heavy blockading tactics in /world, something not possible at spawn. This adds extra significance to the BC's reorganization of the Moist Bois Operation, which effectively stole the advantage directly from the Dominion. Given that the Dominion is in a lapse of inactivity, it is unclear how effective this truly is, but given that most of the significant PVP lavacasts have been covered it water, it will almost surely result in the Dominion becoming less effective.

/World Theatre

November 26th - JavelinFury tries to find and kill Lord1 in /world, AntHand Ambushes Javelin, JavelinFury calls in dariepearjuicy to help. After some brief fighting, Lord1 and Cutman join the battle. Dariepearjuicy is killed by AntHand, JavelinFury retreats. (BC WIN)

January 4th - Lord1 pops Zephrons totem in /world before they both agree to a truce.(Stalemate)

January 30th-31st - AntHand attacks Javelinfury in /world in an attempt to enforce the blockade. Javelinfury calls in clipchip. Skirmishing continues for around an hour, Javelinfury leaves midway through the battle. Using bow spam at world height, AntHand almost destroys clipchip's armor. Javelinfury rejoins the fight, tipping the balance and finally killing AntHand. (Axis WIN)

February 2nd - Korijenkins enters /world, causing AntHand to enforce the Anti-Axis blockade. egnaroky joins a few minutes later. AntHand lands several shots while Korijenkins flies erratically and attempts to evade him. The battle ends around 10 minutes later when Korijenkins manages to slip away from /world. (BC WIN)

February 5th - The new /world is introduced. Clipchip enters and antzakes1 attacks. After some fighting, clipchip retreats. (BC WIN)

February 12th - Clipchip is killed by Antzakes1 in /world.(BC WIN)

February 17th - Clipchip enters /world, provoking BC blockade enforcement. 4 BC members enter /world to kill clipchip, and he retreats.(BC WIN)

February 17th- Lord1 and AntHand agree to a 2v1 with clipchip. The battle lasts for around 5 minutes before Antzakes1 joins /world, ruining the agreed upon 2v1, and causing clipchip to retreat.(Stalemate)

February 17th - Ostrich1414 attempts to buy clip coin from clipchip. AntHand enforces blockade, initiating a 20 minute 1v1. As their armor drains, clipchip uses exp bottles to repair, while AntHand's continues to be damaged. AntHand's helmet breaks, causing him to retreat from /world. (Axis WIN)

February 19th - Lord1 and Zepheron agree to a 1v1 duel in /world. While it appears Zepheron would have won, Antzakes1 joined and, as before, ruins the agreed terms of the 1v1. As it is no longer what Zepheron agreed to, he retreats out of /world. (Stalemate)

February 19th - Zepheron and clipchip enter /world to trade pufferfish. Antzakes1 follows and attacks them immediately. The 2v1 continued for a while both on the ground and in the air. At one point, clipchip and Zepheron are able to pop Antzakes' totem by simultaneously shooting him. Antzakes retreats to the top of a lava cast and ceases from combat. Agreeing that continuing would be futile, Zepheron enderpearls 50 blocks away from clipchip and they both leave the PvP world, with the pufferfish successfully delivered. (Stalemate)

Spawn Theatre

November 28th - at a spawn meetup including Lord1, ostrich1414, jared2013, AntHand, Antzakes1, cheesy_chips22 and Zepheron, Zepheron kills Antzakes1 and then while in an attempt to run away is killed due to fall damage. (Unresolved)

December 15th - TheOnlySlash kills Seventwoworlds at spawn. (Axis WIN)

December 17th - Lord1 and iPyxis ambush dariepearjuicy and Javelinfury near spawn. Both Javelin and dariepear are killed. (BC WIN)

December 24th - TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins find CranberryWarrior at spawn and pop his totem causing him to flee and later combat log with elytra on two occasions with ten minute intervals.(Axis WIN)

January 12th - jesusfag and TheOnlySlash have a skirmish at spawn lasting around an hour, eventually jesusfag retreats to spawn and logs.(Axis WIN)

January 13th - Zepheron kills LexiTheLama but shorty after gives stuff back. (Axis WIN)

January 18th - Zepheron portal traps and kills Lord1 at nether spawn. (Axis WIN)

January 29th - TheOnlySlash kills Sellout at spawn, Lord1 and antzakes1 turn up, forcing him to recede to spawn and log off. Antzakes1's fights Slash at spawn, forcing him back to spawn once again. (Stalemate)

January 30th - TheOnlySlash kills Wawuwiva at nether spawn and portal traps Jesusfag on two occasions resulting in his deaths. (Axis WIN)

January 30th - Lord1 and Antzakes1 turn up at spawn after Chirall is killed by clipchip and have a brief dogfight with him. Clipchip leaves and AntHand Joins Lord and Antzakes in camping Zepheron at spawn until Anthand is crystalled by 2b2tard.(Axis WIN)

February 1st - Lord1 goes to spawn to fight TheOnlySlash, Lord gets portal trapped and escapes and fights Slash and Zepheron. Eventually Lord1 is crystalled. Lord1 regears about 30 minutes later and goes into /world, RickyTheSus fights Lord1 resulting in Lord1 combat logging.(Axis WIN)

February 1st - TheOnlySlash fights AntHand near spawn, AntHand pops 3 totems before proceeding to fight with elytra, after about 5 minutes of fighting, Antzakes1, Jesusfag and Blockplanet94 show up with Blockplanet94 and Jesusfag spectating, the server is then restarted allowing AntHand to regear resulting in TheOnlySlash retreating to spawn. (BC WIN)

February 2nd - Lord1 and AntHand meetup at spawn, AntHands computer crashes while crouching just on the outside of spawn, TheOnlySlash (who was also there fighting AntHand prior to this) pops AntHands totem and with AntHands computer crashing TheOnlySlash continues to hit him until on accident Lord1 kills him with the last hit. (Stalemate)

Misc Fights

November 23rd - TheOnlySlash kill Unix_System.(Axis WIN)

December 13th - Lord1 and iPyxis ambush and attack JavelinFury and dariepearjuicy at cmlove's base, the Foxhole. (BC WIN)

December 21st - TheOnlySlash kills Blockplanet94. (Axis WIN)

December 24th - TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins find CranberryWarrior at spawn and pop his totem causing him to flee and later combat log with elytra on two occasions with ten minute intervals.(Axis WIN)

January 17th - egnaroky and TheOnlySlash fight with Slash retreating. (BC WIN)

March 1st - Lord1 Blows up Zepheron. (BC WIN)