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Background: in_cognit0 joined on April 4, in 2019. However, they were known as "Impishfish" at the time. Impishfish resided at Drago Guard along with Veto The Neato, IAmTheSheriff, WarWolf_13, Cheesy_Chips22, and many other base members. To this day, in_cognit0 has lived in 5 different bases: The Drago Guard, a solo base (after the fall of the Drago Guard), Fjord Facilities (created with TerraAquarius a former Drago Guard member), a spawn base built by Qyburn (also known by his alt, Black_Bolt42), and finally Exultia. in_cognit0 has tried to remain neutral in most conflicts, doesn't belong to any server cults, and does not grief bases or kill innocent players.

Impishfish and the Drago Guard: After first joining in April of 2019 and under the name "Impishfish", in_cognit0 traveled to Drago Guard and settled in a nearby village. His goal was to create a city next to Drago Guard that would hold residents, embassies, and farms. Soon after his arrival, a player known then as "machetemadness" joined him and together they started the construction of what they hoped would turn out to become a spectacular metropolis.

(work in progress)