Fellowship of the Kittens

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Fellowship of the Kittens
Name: Fellowship of the Kittens

Status: Disbanded

Formed: March 2019

Members: Lord1, MrMeeps, Bacon_15, Tenced, FreshbananaTV, nddragoon, AtacFauxpas, Haileymc2000
Bases: Kittenspear, Aurum, Syracusai, Hammerhall

The Fellowship of the Kittens was a clan originally founded by Lord1, MrMeeps, and Bacon_15 in early March 2019.



The clan formed on the 6th of March, 2019 in Kittenspear by MrMeeps, Lord1, Bacon_15. Although some of the clan members had affiliated with each other prior to the formation of the FOK, this is the first formally created clan they all made together.


Along with The Fellowship, the Kittens managed to expand the nether tunnels at Y: 120. These tunnels expand approximately 10,000 blocks out in each cardinal direction, and are designed in such a way that horse travel can be used to navigate them.


War of the Fellowships


Slash's First Base - The first grief the Fellowship of the Kittens took responsibility for was the griefing that took place in TheOnlySlash's first base. This is what started the conflict between the two groups.

Unnamed Mega Build Grief - An older, seemingly inactive base. They could not figure out who had based there previously, or what the name of it was.

Semper Idem - A base used by The Fellowship, griefed by AtacFauxpas.

Diplomatic Events

One of the main premises of the FOK was that no member was inherently more valuable than another, and that we should always treat each like equals. This somehow went wrong though, due to multiple players taking pixel game 'politics' too seriously.


The Kittens were allied with The Drago Guard for most of their lifespan. After the War of the Fellowships finished, the FOK allied with the former ally of The Fellowship Triterrus. Although, neither ally interacted with each other too often.


As with any group, the Kittens constructed several bases, some more important than others.

Kittenspear - The first base of the Kittens. This is where the oldest members of the group resided. Griefed.

Aurum - The second base started by the Kittens. Almost immediately after it's founding, Syracusai was founded, leaving it in the dust, not a lot got done here. Griefed.

Syracusai - Third and biggest base constructed by the Kittens. Has several architectural styles and served as a large hub for every member of the FOK. Lots a new recruits were invited to this base. Griefed.

Hammerhall - The last big base constructed. Had an industrial feeling to it as it housed most of the Kitten's heavy-duty farms. Abandoned.

Fort Thunder - A quaint outpost constructed about 6,000 blocks away from spawn to serve as a recruitment outpost. Was purposely compromised by a FoK spy to gain The Fellowship's trust to acquire coords. The spy was later revealed to be TheOnlySlash's alt.

Ending of FoK

A player by the name of Kojed turned up randomly in Hammerhall one day and was spotted by lord1. They conversed and came to the agreement that Kojed would not leak the coords. Out of fear, the FoK abandoned Hammerhall.

Later on, Lord1 gets into a conversation with QuantumEntropy saying that "Kojed wants to give me coords in order for a place at their base and in their clan" (Fellowship of Odin). By now, the FoK members mutually agree to disband and work on their own projects.

It's the 21st of may and Lord1's new clan, the Empire of Odin has just raided The Fellowship's slime farm base with the help of Tenced and Nddragoon. Kojed was at the base at that time and was killed by Jake276493, Kojed being at this Fellowship base implies that he was recruited and most likely gave away the FoK's old base coords of which he did.

Hammerhall was abandoned on the 14th of may 2019.

Fort Thunder was griefed on the 15th of may 2019.

Kittenspear was griefed on the 22nd of may 2019.

Syracusai was griefed on the 23rd of may 2019.

Aurum was griefed on the 12th of July 2019

To this day, no-one has any clue how a guy with 4 hours playtime managed to find 3 separate large scale bases 10's-100's of thousands of blocks apart. Though pretty much all players involved within the conflict do tend to agree that Kojed was an alt of Lord1, this rumor appeared after Lord1 blamed MrMeeps for leaking the bases and Nddragoon then redirected the blame at Lord1 and it stuck. KoriJenkins claims "Lord1 later confessed to being Kojed." Lord1 denies this.