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Ingame name: DakkaDok
Alts: Dakka_AETERNA, Dakka_MENDING, Dakka_EXP
Status: Active player
First joined: 20th of September 2011

Location: Isengard (Main Account)

Clans: Coalition of Allied Bases
Bases: Nos Astra, New Nos Astra, The Shire, Erebor, Pooligan and berni's place, Valhalla, Java Linsghey, Isengard, Nos Aeterna

Dakkadok is a regular player on simpvp.net and a former admin.


DakkaDok first joined the server on the 20th of September 2011 under the name of Berni1410. He spent some time aimlessly wandering and setting up small bases.

During this time, he had little contact with other players, as his english was quite poor.


At some point, he was asked by Assas170 to come help him defeat the Ender Dragon. Despite only having iron armour and weapons, he agreed to try to help.

After the group succeeded, he was invited to join MisterStrawman at his city, later named Valhalla, where he began building up some gear and player contacts.


He lived and built at Valhalla until the base was griefed by JesusJuice and his team, supposedly after Skaterhan1 leaked the coordinates.

He later joined miniwimi's town, Greyfell, which was griefed by JesusJuice as well.


Shortly after the release of Bukkit 1.7.2, he founded Nirvana together with Jamesged and miniwimi. The base was supposed to recapture the ideals of Valhalla, with everyone building their own projects around a central hub. However, most of the invited players had little time or motivation, and the base quickly began to stagnate. After a while of this, DakkaDok became so bored of the place he faked a threat to the bases safety, leading to its abandonment.

Later that year he founded his new base, Nos Astra, where he lived with AllSixSix.


Nos Astra was griefed by the Blue Orchid Cult during the First Great War because of its association with Pippenger. This caused DakkaDok to take a break from the game for several months.

In the summer of this year, he was made admin by Yukarion. He later founded The Shire and Erebor together with some real life friends.


In early 2017, DakkaDok was invited to Vallaryn by Morlock. Some time later, he began working on New Nos Astra, a bigger and better version of the original city. It was linked to Vallaryn.


Both Vallaryn and New Nos Astra were griefed by Mac9308 in March 2018.

After some time spent working on various other projects, including Isengard and Java Linsghey, he decided to start the Worldborder Expedition with the goal of traveling 30 million blocks from Spawn.

After reaching 22 million blocks from spawn, he took a break from traveling and founded Nos Aeterna.


In March 2019, DakkaDok was invited to the City of Struthio by ostrich1414 after both Struthio and Nos Aeterna had established a collaborative relationship. At Struthio, DakkaDok constructed the Embassy of Nos Aeterna, as well as assisting the city with various projects.

In April 2019, Nos Aeterna officially entered the Coalition of Allied Bases as its fourth member base.


DakkaDok stepped down as admin on the 13th of January 2021.


Trading reviews

  • Very trustworthy. 10/10 Yukar9 (talk) 15:22, 28 July 2018 (UTC)