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Goujon .png
In-game name: _Goujon_
Alts: StupidAutist
Status: Inactive
First joined: June 11th, 2020
Last seen:
Location: England
Clans: The Republic (Former), GS Trading Co. (Current)
Bases: GS Base 1, Sternenfall Nochmal, The North Pole, Wassrïge Hólle Trei, Wasted Disk Space (WDS)

_Goujon_ is a player who joined SimPvP on June 11th, 2020. They are most known for being a member of GS Trading Co. and for being a skilled PvPer and fighter. Originally migrating from 2b2t, _Goujon_ and his GS Trading Co. allies would quickly become one of the dominating forces of the latter half of 2020.


_Goujon_ joined the server on June 11th, 2020, joining around the same time as many of his GS Trading Co. counterparts. One of his first major activities on the server would be the foundation of GS Trading Co.'s main base in late June, Sternenfall Nochmal. However, _Goujon_ would also spend a large portion of June and July engaging in various PvP battles and skirmishes with other SimPvP players.

Alongside 4Pilot, _Goujon_ would become another GS Trading Co. member to join The Republic on the summer of 2020, becoming a "Citizen" and serving as one of its combat specialists. _Goujon_ also assisted 4Pilot and the other Republic members with the "Via Project", a project that focused on repairing the spawn highways in all four cardinal directions. These highways were cleaned up and replaced with newer, sturdier roads made of cobblestone and obsidian.

Via Project 1.png Via Project 2.png

On August 17th, 2020, _Goujon_ and the GS Trading Co. officially declared war on Brunoland in what would become the Brunoland War of Independence. The war would last until August 30th, featuring two major battles and the eventual griefing of Brunoland by GS Trading Co. _Goujon_ would actually be the GS member who began the initial interest in waging war against Brunoland, having battled and killed bruno_vera in the PvP world before the war's beginning. Although _Goujon_ suffered defeat in the first major battle of the war, he was far more successful in the Battle of Brunoland, resulting in the grief of the city.

Brunoland Grief 1.jpg

Another major event of _Goujon_'s in August would be the GS Trading Co. funded Sim Kast Removal Team (SKRT), a project working to clear the entire spawn area of lavacasts through TNT bombers and even manual digging. _Goujon_ would become one of the heads of SKRT, alongside Gsmack, 4Pilot, and Redbaron1991. The project became an instant success, completely clearing spawn of all major lavacasts.

SKRT Crew.png

Between August and September, SkullerG would pursue a journey to the world border via the nether, eventually reaching the world border on September 29th after millions of blocks of flying. The final border location was claimed by GS Trading Co., known as "The North Pole".

In late September, _Goujon_ participated in two major battles. The first was the Battle of Suit's tower on September 29th, where _Goujon_ teamed up with Lord1 and ostrich1414 and faced off against Sellout9, AntHand and Cutman; _Goujon_'s team would emerge victorious. The second major battle was the Barrier Town Conflict, an even larger battle taking place the day after, September 30th, at SkullerG's spawn base Barrier Town. This battle included what was known as the Defenders (AntHand, Antzakes1, Gem_Productions, GentleGiant69, xexc, ElectricChugg, and Wawuwiva) versus the Attackers (TheOnlySlash, _Goujon_, Zepheron, 2b2tard, and Gsmack). Unlike the previous battle, the Barrier Town Conflict would result in an inconclusive draw.

Battle of Suit's Tower.png Barriertown1.png

On October 27th, _Goujon_ helped build at SkullerG's nether base, Wassrïge Hólle Trei, where he assisted with making a large ball full of water--a resource impossible to spawn into the nether in modern Minecraft.

Wassrïge Hólle Trei 1.png Wassrïge Hólle Trei 2.png

Most of _Goujon_'s time on SimPvP has been spent working and building at his main base, Sternenfall Nochmal, with the rest of his GS Trading Co. partners. _Goujon_ also spends a great amount of time engaging in pvp battles and skirmishes, in /world, the overworld, and even the end. He has come to be known as one of the greatest pvpers on the server and in GS, alongside SkullerG.

GS Trading Co. Group Photo.png