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Ingame name: LordPastaYT (current), NeutralistNoodle (former), MutualistManiac (former)
Alts: NoHaxJusKeemstar, 30_Sal_Tiger_30
Status: Unjailed November 7th, 2019
First joined: October 15 2017

Location: LORD_PASTA #0892,

Earth, New Pastopia

Clans: Pasta Empire (former), The Fellowship (former), Men Hyogi-kai (merged), Bloc for Clans (former), Ailvalcea (current), The Techno Union (current)
Bases: New Pastopia, Pasta Memorial, Mutopia, Mansion, PastaBowl, Zymarikopoli, Tjestengrad, Tjestrypa, Atherius, Noodle Town, Mavossa, Nwdlstine, Aeucius, Calea, Unidad, Vwaeos, Manitareos, Turremius, Two Words

NeutralistNoodle, MutualistManiac, or Lord Pasta, is a common loser that can be found afking simpvp anytime after April 2018.

Lord Pasta Productions


The initial discovery of the server. He mostly played on other servers at the time.


When NeutralistNoodle first joined the server, in 2017, his IGN was MutualistManiac. He treated simpvp as just one of many of his newly found "anarchy" servers, and only managed to build part of a base before deciding that he had better things to do, like watching gay porn. Soon, he would realize the true unique essence of simpvp as all the other servers that he played on reset their maps. Enraged with this reality, and fueled by inhuman amounts of autism, he decided to return to simpvp once again, and bring with him his possy of Mongoloids: Shift85A, Nimajneb2299, Coocoodog123, and ThatsSoZiggy.


In 2017 he first built a base and half-finished it. Also, he made a video on Castle Snowfrog in December of 2017 and uploaded it to his group YouTube channel ZodionXV with Coocoodog123.


His first era of activity. He played a lot during this time.


At this time MutualistManiac had nothing more than one simple island to his name, and so he and his crew began to undergo the pain that comes from being in such close quarters. Soon, much like their presence is towards the server, Mute and his friends became cancer to their own base. Large growths began to spread outwards in the form of unorganized castle walls, surrounding, and suffocating the poor base. To make matters worse they seemed to be too retarded to repair the constant creeper explosions that occurred on the base. Deep inside Mutualist knew, things had to change...


One day he decided to invite his IRL best friend KitKat_Cocoa to the base, as she had fallen in love with Nimajneb2299. However, things did not go as planned. JavelinFury, and Clipchip soon spotted her, and her clearly female skin attracted the interest of clipchip. Perhaps suspicious of the new group Pasta Empire spending a lot of time online lately, or just in an attempt to court the lovely new female, they decided to follow her. Unknown to them was the fact that kitKat was in a discord call with the rest of the gang at the time, and they were formulating a plan.

Upon arrival at the small base, MutualistManiac treated the guests kindly and waited to spring his trap. He stalled the two as Nimajneb2299, and ThatsSoZiggy approached by boat.

By this time the clan had established itself pretty well in the area, making bases, and outposts on the surrounding islands, and that was where the two late members of the base had previously been held up at.

When the amigos arrived the trap was sprung. Doors were blocked, and swords were drawn, but in the autistic chaos that ensued, the group found it hard to organize and began to hit each other on accident. Despite having the element of surprise on their side, soon the two "victims" realized what was occurring, and used their superior armor, and weapons to kill everyone at the base. Mute lost it all.

New Pastopia

After the encounter, he retreated to a backup location and began a new building project known as New Pastopia. Many of the members of Pasta Empire began to log on less often, or not at all, and Mute followed suit for a few days, but after meeting, and allying with AForceThree and receiving new gear from him, his enthusiasm was restored, and he began to stay online again.

New Pastopia.png

File:New Pastopia Base.schematic

MutualistManiac was staying put, for the most part, working on his small base, and working on getting further connections on simpvp when tragedy struck! New Pastopia was griefed and so Mr. Pasta left for greener pastures. On a later date Sellout9 revealed to Mutualist that he had done some minor griefing of the base before he left it. After that, he gave the coords to Clipchip, and he finished the job. The ruins of New Pastopia still stand to this day.

Operation Reconstruction

Determined to not let such destruction dissuade him again, Mute set out for a place to build a far away underground base. The function of this base was to be the beginning of his resurgence on the server. Many farms and storage rooms were constructed, and slowly but surely his team regrouped one by one.

This continued for quite some time until tragedy struck once again. Like many have said. You can lead an autist to a base, but you can't make him join. MutualistManiac wanted to bring more people onto the server from other servers that he was involved with. He had started to advertise the server to his YouTube friend Nagol101 and was able to recruit a new player from Nagol101's server, PhamtomGuy to join his team. Upon bringing this new member to his base he was stunned by unapologetic threats made by this individual towards his precious base, and in a panic, Mute slew him.

Perhaps this was the dumbest decision he's made yet on the server because in seconds the coords were out, and in the hands of clip, and jav. Mute's sworn enemies.

Acting swiftly, Mute decided to transport everything, yes, everything to a new location through a warp portal. However, he could not have predicted the speed of his adversaries. As he carried his precious gear with him through the portal in a shulker box, he was attacked, and he lost literally everything.

Faced with the ultimate defeat, he went into exile on simpvp. Staying put in secret locations, his empire in ruins.


Mutualist was on a trek to Valhalla when he realized he was jailed. He was jailed for use of a minimap mod that showed caves and players on the 6th of November 2018.


He was Unjailed in November of this year. This year saw the beginning of his second age of activity.

From The Shadows

On March 8th, 2019, while still banned, Mute joined The Fellowship. The Fellowship is a group that was started in late February of 2019 by TheOnlySlash with some of its main members including Rainyday203, Optarium, and MutualistManiac.

The purpose of this was to bolster his power and influence while still being banned. MutualistManiac has the coords to many bases that could be useful for the new group.


MutualistManiac was unjailed on November 7th, 2019. He then began to reform a small group on simpvp at his new base the PastaBowl along with Nagol101 and _Unix2010.



On November 23rd, 2019 the PastaBowl was griefed when TheOnlySlash, Clipchip, and JavelinFury got access to the base coords. TheOnlySlash was able to get the coords by simply asking mute who foolishly thought he could trust him. In reality, slash was simply emotionally manipulating mute into thinking that he was in love with him thus gaining his trust. While griefing the base TheOnlySlash killed _Unix2010 due to relations between The Dominion, Shadow Mcmafia and Church of Francis/Bloc for Clans being hostile

After the griefing of his base, Mute decided to create a new base, and not invite players associated with The Order of Wilbur. This next base was dubbed Zymarikopoli, or Town of Pasta.


On November 27th, 2019 MutualistManiac changed their IGN to NeutralistNoodle. Unfortunately, his group was later forced to abandon Zymarikopoli due to its location being compromised. Neutralist and his new group the Men Hyogi-kai were forced into hiding once again. They joined the Bloc for Clans as well. They moved their capital to a new base Tjestrypa.

Men Hyogi-kai

Men Hyogi-kai Refers to NeutralistNoodle's small group on simpvp in 2019. They were proud members of the Bloc for Clans.



Note that these players were only members when Tjestrypa was active.

  • JustRez
  • JohnzyFetusboy
  • tinsz
  • Tastycarrots

Trusted allies:

  • Unix_2010

Having established himself at a safe base, Tjestrypa, NeutralistNoodle and the rest of the Men Hyogi-kai decided to expand their influence on the server.

The Great Tinsz Plot

Just a few days after tinsz arrived at Tjestrypa, he became what he described as "bored". This was a problem because tinsz described himself as a "griefer", and desired to create chaos on the server. Although the Men Hyogi-kai was at war with the Dominion, Shadow McMafia, and The Conspiracy in accordance with the rules of the Bloc for Clans, and their Intervention War, there was not much that Neutralist and his group could do to help out. They could not get access to any coords to bases of any of the groups they were at war with, and tinsz really needed to grief something.

One day tinsz offered the group an ultimatum. He stated that he had been talking to TheOnlySlash on Discord and that he wanted to trick him into believing that he and the other members of the Men Hyogi-kai had broken up, and were on bad terms. He highly insinuated that failing to go along with his plan would result in him leaking the base Tjestrypa to TheOnlySlash, and that he should be provided instead with coords to other BfC bases to give to slash to gain his trust. The plan was made over the course of a few hours.

Step one: Neutralist would claim that his base was griefed, and a large pit in the ground would be exploded and excavated in a manner that made it look like a base was there. The wiki would be updated as such, and video of the griefed build was planned to be put on both his, and JohnzyFetusboy's YouTube channels. The coords to the fake griefed base would be sent by tinsz to TheOnlySlash as proof of the validity of the grief. This was meant to help tinsz gain his trust slightly, but it is also to give the appearance of distress from NeutralistNoodle, and his clan.

Step two: Neutralist was to use this "event" to gain access to multiple BfC allied bases through Lord1. He would be trusted due to his perfect record of not griefing a single base on simpvp. He would then record the coords of all the bases, and give them to tinsz. tinsz would then give the bases to TheOnlySlash, and grief them with him.

Step three: With the BfC eliminated, the next target was the Dominion and it's allies. tinsz would use all the help he had given to Slash to allow him to join the Dominion, and access many of its bases. He would record the coords of those bases, and then give them to Neutralist. The two would then grief all of those bases.

Step four: With the main factions of the server greatly crippled, tinsz would return to Tjestrypa. The Men Hyogi-kai would have a chance to become more powerful on the server. The details of the plan were to never be revealed so as to not sow distrust amongst existing allies. In addition to this Tjestrypa would be believed to be griefed, and thus interest in finding it would halt. Neutralist could then enjoy livestreaming on new BfC bases with the knowledge that his real main base was still intact.

The plan was working better than planned, with Lord1 simply granting Neutalist access to his base out of the blue. However, Neutralist did not like being blackmailed by tinsz, and did not want to betray his allies just to ensure his base was not griefed so behind everyone in his group's back, he revealed the plan to Lord1, essentially killing it. Upon realizing that the plan was dead, tinsz seized control of Tjestrypa, and the rest of the Men Hyogi-kai abandoned it.


The start of large building projects, and server politics drama.

LordPastaYT would start off this year being allies of the Church of Francis, and end it being hated by them. All due to him criticizing one of their bases (Two Words) for not having any farms or supplies.



NeutralistNoodle, JustRez, and JohnzyFetusboy all were invited to the base Atherius. Neutralist built a large castle there over the period of a month. Atherius was Discovered by Azdin on January 14th 2020, the base had NeutralistNoodle and JohnzyFetusboy afk. Azdin attacked NeutralistNoodle but he came back and ran away. JohnzyFetusboy however was really afk and died. Lord1 turned up and fought Azdin in the sky for about 10 mins and when Azdin tried run away, Lord caught him and killed him but gave back his stuff in return for no griefing, raiding or leaking of Atherius.

Noodle Town

Noodle Town was created after the incident at Atherius. The base is at a large distance from spawn, and JohnzyFetusboy and NeutralistNoodle were taken out that far by Lord1. Construction began at a rapid pace right after the city was founded.

Noodle Town1.png

Noodle Town2.png

However, construction soon slowed as Johnzy became dissatisfied with basing with NeutralistNoodle. He took all the valuables from the base which caused Neutralist to leave near the end of February 2020. This left the base in the full ownership of JohnzyFetusboy aka 2b2twink.


Despite appearances, the building style of Noodle Town is simply just a slight variation of NeutralistNoodle's original building style. The only difference is the replacement of wood beams on the sides of buildings with chiseled stone bricks. Neutralist's style has always been heavily influenced by the style of Porkington.


The style of building in Noodle Town has influenced the building style of Jtov, who has replicated it to some extent at Takyon.


Pasta worked at a few small locations alone for a while whilst still a member of the BfC. However, over time the group changed. First, there was the Sigil incident in which lord1 would have most likely faced no consequences if it were not for him bringing up his hypocritical rules. Even then lord1 faced little issues in continuing to gain power. Pasta was, for a short amount of time, owner of the BfC discord where votes were carried out. He did not like being in a position of power. Pasta trusted lord1 to have good intentions so he gave him ownership of the BfC discord once again. Everything went back to normal for a few months.

Firstly, the BfC became the Galactic Federation. Then it "merged" with the Church of Francis. Still Pasta didn't really care about this as the group was fundamentally the same. All he wanted from the group was protection and mutual aid.

On June 20th, 2020, the second SimPvP Summit was held. The Republic was announced as a new group. Lord1 started a vote in the Senate about whether or not to pre-emptively declare war on the Republic. Pasta voted NO, but his vote was deleted. This was finally the thing that ended the membership for Pasta. So he left whatever was left of the Bloc For Clans. The members of Mavossa and the Men Hyogi-Kai all agreed that the group no longer had any benefits and left.

Due to his leaving of the Church of Francis Pasta has been adopted by the Republic. However, this is merely an alliance, and Pasta claims to not be an actual member. Pasta keeps to his own bases and doesn't base with any other members of the Republic.


After spending time out in the millions, Pasta decided to move to a more reasonable distance from spawn and base with other players again. On April 15th, 2020, Mavossa was founded as a base completely over the ocean.

The members of Mavossa Included:

  • VisionShift (former)
  • cavehoe



  • General Mob Farm
  • Skeleton / Spider Spawner Farms
  • Ocean Temple Farm
  • Iron Farm
  • Wither Rose Farm
  • Endermen Farm
  • Raid Farm
  • Villager Trading Hall
  • Creeper Farm

End Of Mavossa

Mavossa had reached an unreasonable size for its proximity to spawn.


However, disagreements between members of the base were getting worse. Qyburn_ and cavehoe disliked each other. This was because Qyburn felt that Cavehoe was a nuisance and a security risk. He also thought Cavehoe was useless to the base because he never built anything. To sum it all up, Qyburn wanted Cavehoe gone. This led Qyburn to antagonize Cavehoe in lots of ways. First, by arguing with him, and then by attacking him. Cavehoe was all of the things that Qyburn accused him of being, but Cavehoe had already been at the base for many months and had not yet leaked the coords or done anything to make people ACTUALLY suspicious of him. One thing would be for sure though, and that was that if Qyburn or anyone else ever tried to kick Cavehoe out of the base, the base would be at very high risk for obvious reasons.

One day Cavehoe began to go crazy on discord claiming that he had been attacked by Qyburn and that his bed had been broken. It was a clear attempt to send him to spawn. When he was asked, he quickly provided screenshot proof of this being true. In DMs to LordPastaYT Cavehoe stressed that he had good reason to believe that Qyburn had also leaked to coords of Mavossa to Lord1. Cavehoe also insisted that he be allowed to bring the player Antzakes to the base to kill Qyburn. In addition to all of this, Lord Pasta was to "not tell Qyburn anything about this". To LordPastaYT this seemed like the dumbest shit ever. He still thought of them both as base members, so he told Qyburn about the accusations anyway.

Unfortunately, this did not go over well. Due to the fact that, seemingly out of the blue, Qyburn had actively endangered the security of the base by attempting to send his own base mate to spawn, LordPastaYT initially believed the claim that Qyburn had leaked the coords to lord1. This specific claim, leaking coords, was quickly clarified as being hear-say, but the fact that LordPastaYT initially believed it was "deeply offensive" to Qyburn. At this point, however, the damage had been done. Cavehoe was going to now leak to coords no matter what LordPastaYT did. He made that clear. So LordPastaYT leaked all of his bases that Cavehoe had access to first as a way to solve the conflict. If all the bases that Cavehoe and Qyburn based together at were gone, then they would no longer have to be around each other, and clearly, them being around each other just lead to the bases being griefed and leaked anyways. So on October 9th, 2020, the coords to Mavossa, Calea, and Aeucius were made public.

LordPastaYT was annoyed at the pettiness of this disagreement which led to the leaking of his base. He disliked both Cavehoe and Qyburn. Even though he had always acted in a way to preserve his relationship with Qyburn by severing contact with Cavehoe, he knew that Qyburn was the initial cause of all the chaos. In an in-game message to Cavehoe LordPastaYT described some of the problems he had with both of them. This IGM was then leaked to discord by Cavehoe. The IGM contained LordPastaYT making paraphrases and references to DMs he had with Qyburn as evidence for some of the problems he saw with basing with him. Qyburn found the practice of referencing what someone has said in DMs equivalent to doxxing and also "deeply offensive" so he decided to literally block LordPastaYT on discord and never talk to him. So he had always been acting to maintain his relationship with Qyburn, but in the end, he now had bad relations with both Cavehoe and Qyburn.

After the leak

When the coords to Mavossa were made public many people came and fought each other on the first day. Lord1 and his crew claimed the city later and renamed it Amsterdam. There is still a good amount of resources at the griefed base because there was just such a large amount there to start with, so from time to time people still come and go from the old base. The circumstances of the griefing of Mavossa are still mysterious to this day. For example, Lord1 claims to have found Mavossa, not because of the leak of the coords, but because of a 5-month-old live stream that LordPastaYT did on his YT channel where he shows one of the coordinate axes for the base location for about 1/2 a second. If that was the case then why did he only find the base 5 months later at the exact time, and on the exact day when the base was made public? If they already knew where the base was there were many other times when it would have made more sense for them to have griefed it out of anger towards LordPastaYT.

Continued controversy

After all this came to pass, LordPastaYT was still confused about the actions of Qyburn. Why would he randomly attack his base member and put the base at risk if he truly valued the base? Why was it "deeply offensive" to think that he no longer cared about the base when he clearly engaged in actions which put it at risk? Why was there anything "deeply offensive" about referencing something someone said which was annoying? LordPastaYT never leaked any DMs in-game or on discord. He only paraphrased and referenced things said to him. Cavehoe leaked DMs. At a later date the player Nebulaz told LordPastaYT that he was "very confident" that Qyburn had leaked the coords of Mavossa to Lord1. This would explain his extreme offense at any hint of accusation against him, as well as the appearance of Lord1 at Mavossa just as all this was going down. Neb was an impartial non-political player, so LordPastaYT believed him. As a consequence, he later leaked the coords of First Hearth, Qyburn's spawn base.

Shortly after this Nebulaz backed off of his previous claim.



At the end of 2020 and the start of 2021 Lord Pasta began to spread out his operations on the server across his three alt accounts. This allowed him to do multiple things at the same time, and be at multiple bases at the same time as well. The first base he founded after Mavossa was destroyed was Vwaeos which was supposed to replace Mavossa, however that duty was to be transplanted onto later projects. One of his alts traveled to Ailvalcea which also became his new clan on the server as they had a far superior infrastructure in place relative to him. His third alt traveled to work on a secret project at another location.


Plans to build a massive flying base over Ailvalcea. This was never done.

At Ailvalcea Lord pasta constructed his museum. In this museum, he primarily collected maps of various bases. Many of the bases he has maps of are now griefed. At Vwaeos he explored, built, and gathered items for other bases. Vwaeos became quite large by the end of 2020, but it did not have enough to offer lord pasta so he set off to build other bases.


Map of JezdziecBezNicka's Base with other maps shown on the sides is just part of the collection.

The members of both Ailvalcea and Vwaeos were the same:

  • VisionShift (former)

The first base he built was Manitareos, a converted mushroom island base. It was very close to spawn and was built primarily as an experiment to see how long it would take a small, yet impressive base to be griefed. Would it all be destroyed at once? would it be messed with a little? A lot? Or would it deteriorate at a slow pace until a more aggressive player took it all down? The base itself consisted of a large castle on the main island, a walkway over the water, and a multicolored pyramid.


Render of all of Manitareos.

He later left Manitareos when it was completed, and set off to build a new, more permanent base called Turremius. He would build this base with his friend diGGing4Gold.



Turremius is a large base created by LordPastaYT. He later invited many people. The base is the "replacement" of Mavossa as both are built over the ocean. It has many farms in it's main tower:

  • Gold Farm
  • Mob Farm
  • Blaze Farm
  • Spider Farm
  • Melon Farm
  • Sugar Cain Farm
  • Bamboo Farm
  • Trading Hall


The base is also surrounded by a large wall with 37 towers and 36 walls.


  • Mattsooshi
  • Tinsz
  • SillyPossibility


On May 28th, 2021 the base was leaked by a player Joshua who had recently been invited there. They had been tricked by Surgeflash using a fake screenshot of LordPastaYT inviting them to the base on discord. Within an hour the base was griefed.


NuetralistNoodle was Allied with AForceThree, Iquint, and Beaverplzer in 2018. His clan, The Pasta Empire, was basically a vassal state to Iquint's clan.

He is related to the YouTuber, Nagol101, by his own past on YouTube, and they frequently plan actions on the server together. This was most prominent when Nagol build his massive pyramid to hieght limit with some help from Lord Pasta.

NuetralistNoodle brought the dreaded PhamtomGuy to simpvp from Nagol101's server.

In March 2019, NuetralistNoodle joined The Fellowship while still banned. He later left the group and was enemies with many of its members.

Former member of the Bloc for Clans. He left it when it became subsumed by the CoF. He later became loosely allied with the Republic, but this never led to anything.

Lord Pasta has generally good relations with Porkington, and Ostrich1414. He always seems to base with DiGGing4Gold. He is mostly neutral towards anyone who is not in the CoF. He is loosely allied with the SFR Mafia as he shares access to many bases with them.