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(The End)
(The End)
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====The End====
====The End====
Unfortunately, however, things would eventually change for the worse: on June 3rd, 2019, Struthio was griefed by jared2013, a notable player from the server 2b2t. He was brought to the server by Roxy9999, who was soon to be discovered as an alt of [[PhamtomGuy]]; furthermore, jared2013 was supplied by [[Korijenkins]].  The entirety of Historic Struthio was burned to the ground due to it mainly consisting of acacia wood, and much of the Struthian Peninsula and its skyscrapers were lavacasted and destroyed.  The Queen of the Magna Avem had also been entirely stripped of its iron blocks, though this incident may have been unrelated as it occurred prior to jared2013's grief. Regardless, the city of Struthio had been greatly damaged by this, succumbing to its status as a now-public base, abandoned by its former caretakers.
Unfortunately, however, things would eventually change for the worse: on June 3rd, 2019, Struthio was griefed by jared2013, a notable player from the server 2b2t. He was brought to the server by Roxy9999, who was soon to be discovered as an alt of [[PhamtomGuy]]; furthermore, jared2013 was supplied by [[Korijenkins]].  The entirety of Historic Struthio was burned to the ground due to it mainly consisting of acacia wood, and much of the Struthian Peninsula and its skyscrapers were lavacasted and destroyed.  The Queen of the Magna Avem had also been entirely stripped of its iron blocks by [[TheOnlySlash]] in an unrelated incident. Regardless, the city of Struthio had been greatly damaged by this, succumbing to its status as a now-public base, abandoned by its former caretakers.

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Name: Struthio

Status: Griefed and Abandoned

Formed: October 2017
Abandoned: May 2019

Members: Listed in the "Members and Affiliates" Section

Struthio was a large coastal city founded by ostrich1414 in October 2017. Located at the crossroads of a savannah biome and desert biome surrounded by ocean, Struthio began as a small port town heavily consisting of acacia wood and stone brick at the mouth of a river. Over time, the base began to grow rapidly until it barely resembled its former state, becoming a completely new, large-scale city rather than a small, simple town. Struthio was the second base constructed by The League, and soon become one of the server's most recognizable, influential cities to date.

In May 2019, after the city was discovered and became threatened by a tense diplomatic crisis, the members and affiliates of Struthio all formally abandoned the city, leaving for a new location. Shortly thereafter, Struthio's coordinates were released to the public, becoming a popular tourist destination until it was ultimately griefed on June 3rd, 2019.

Members and Affiliates

NOTE: The lists shown below are all from before May 2019 as Struthio has since been abandoned by all mentioned below. This, rather, serves as a historical record.

Below is a list of Struthio's active members (listed in chronological order by their join date):

Below is a list of Struthio's affiliated players (those who did not live there full-time) [listed in chronological order by their join date]:

Below is a list of Struthio's former players (the duration of their time in the city is included):


The Birth of Historic Struthio

In late October of 2017, while working on Estevez with fellow League members Porkington and Master_Xybot, ostrich1414 decided to scout out a location for a new base; a smaller one, but one still crucial to the team. Eventually, he landed upon a savannah biome with the mouth of a river meeting the ocean beside it. Ostrich1414 had an idea for a small coastal town in a savannah biome made exclusively out of acacia wood; typically a little-used block in regards to building, he wanted the town to stand out. Ostrich1414 began working on Downtown Struthio (later renamed "Historic Struthio") immediately after settling, clearing massive amounts of land and harvesting multiple chests of acacia wood. Meanwhile, he would frequently head back to Estevez and help out there, working on the two projects simultaneously.


Eventually ostrich1414 invited both Porkington and Master_Xybot to Struthio, and the town itself began to grow significantly. Using his own city Quinsigamond as an influence, due to its congestion in such a small land area, ostrich1414 placed multiple buildings close together and varying structure heights for a unique skyline. In December of 2017, ostrich1414 had officially completed the exterior of Historic Struthio, and began to focus on other projects nearby with his partners.

The Rush for Villagers

While working on Historic Struthio, as well as after its completion, ostrich1414 and Porkington collaborated on a nearby project: villager breeding and farming. The two transformed a previous village into an expansive district of villager breeding farms, iron farms, crop farms, and more, hoping to boost the League's wealth and self-sufficiency. Starting around November 2017, the two worked feverishly on the farms, collecting dozens of emeralds and other materials, growing Struthio's outskirts and suburbs; this also led to the exploration of a nearby peninsula in which Porkington built his house and a mob grinder, set right in the ocean.

The Hall of Vatlos and Stagnation

In December of 2017, long after Historic Struthio's completion and the slowing down of Estevez's construction, ostrich1414 and Porkington began to work on a new project, which was the largest one for the League at the time: the Hall of Vatlos. Located on a strip of desert along the ocean, nearby the villager farms, the Hall of Vatlos was a colossal structure modeled after Porkington's own Strawman Temple at Forsta Stad. The Hall featured various large stone brick columns and soaring archways, with an interior hall consisting of quartz arches and dark oak furnishings. Eventually, in the midst of construction, ostrich1414 and Porkington invited Cinnablaw to Struthio, in the hopes that she would be able to contribute her work to the Hall; however, shortly upon her arrival, she declined in server activity and later abandoned the game altogether. Regardless, the Hall of Vatlos remained an ambitious project that stood as a monument to the League's ideals, and, due to its size and resource-heavy consumption, fluctuated between construction and hiatus.


With the Hall in a state of hiatus and much of Struthio's growth slowing to a halt as a result of The Cold War in early 2018, the League began to focus on other projects and efforts, mainly using Struthio as a hub for farming and manufacturing supplies and materials. Struthio remained an important supply base up until the end of the Cold War, and eventually fell into a period of stagnation. However, in July of 2018, ostrich1414 brought Sengorn_Leopard to the base as a temporary residence, where he contributed much of his farming and building methods. Though Sengorn_Leopard only intended to stay at Struthio for a few short weeks, this was later prolonged when he began building more complex structures.

Struthio's Renaissance

By August 2018, after a long period of inactivity and hiatus within Struthio, Sengorn_Leopard's arrival to the town unintentionally began a new era for the base as a whole, a period seen as Struthio's Renaissance. Before Sengorn_Leopard had arrived, ostrich1414 had gone on a hiatus for a couple months prior, leaving the server around March and returning in July. Porkington, meanwhile, was focusing work on his ongoing megaproject Ascaris, a city which he aimed to increase as time went on. These factors, as well as the end of the Cold War, led to a decline in The League's activity, and thus resulted in Struthio's stagnation. However, ostrich1414 eventually recruited Sengorn_Leopard, first bringing him to Quinsigamond and then to Struthio, where he began to build in a style much different than that of Historic Struthio, or anything within the limits of Struthio itself for that matter.

Sengorn_Leopard began work on a massive stone structure in August, located right in the ocean directly off the coast of Porkington's peninsula, overlooking his small house. This structure, which at first was started as a time-killer as Sengorn_Leopard waited for 1.13 to arrive, slowly grew over the next few days, until it rivaled the nearby Hall of Vatlos in size and scale. This immense structure dominated Struthio's skyline, directly competing against the Hall of Vatlos which, at one point, was the largest structure at any League base. Due to this, Sengorn_Leopard challenged himself to overtake the Hall in size and height, doing so effortlessly. His desire to grow this structure only increased as Porkington, on his alt Pippinger, continued to brag about the vastness and immense size of his city Ascaris, and Sengorn_Leopard, as well as an intrigued ostrich1414, pondered the possibility of directly competing against Ascaris. Thus, the race for the most "vast" base on the server was born, and an ambitious Struthio began competing against Ascaris, a much larger, more menacing project.


By September 2018, Struthio's Renaissance was well underway, and construction was booming at a rate much higher than anything that had ever occurred at Struthio up to that point. Sengorn_Leopard's masisve unnamed structure was increasing in size daily, and nearby, ostrich1414 began a project of his own. Ostrich1414 had a keen interest in Sengorn_Leopard's devotion to Struthio, and his desire to watch it flourish led ostrich1414 to arrive back at Struthio and work on his long-forgotten base once again. Thus, ostrich1414 erected a sleek, ten-story tall tower: this tower was named "Anniversary Tower", marked in honor of Struthio's upcoming one-year anniversary in October 2018.

Meanwhile, as Pippinger worked on Ascaris, ostrich1414 and Sengorn_Leopard struck an agreement with him and led Porkington to arrive back at Struthio simultaneously. Once again, after months of stagnation, ostrich1414 and Porkington began to work on the Hall of Vatlos, attempting to finish it once and for all. Although the League had been inactive and somewhat dead for some time now, the Hall of Vatlos seemed to transcend its initial symbolism of a League achievement, but, rather, a Struthio achievement: the first megaproject in a city soon to be laden with megaprojects.


New Farms of the Renaissance

As Struthio's Renaissance continued and architecture flourished, other side projects developed within the city. Sengorn_Leopard introduced the city with private access to its own enderman farm, as well as modifying many of its existing villager and crop farms. Ostrich1414 also worked on many quarries at this time, gathering many different materials for the base. A much larger, more updated mob farm was also constructed by Sengorn_Leopard off-shore, built to counter Porkington's barely-functioning mob farm built in late 2017.

However, the most impressive, and time-consuming, farm of Struthio's Renaissance was the construction of a massive wither farm. Though built in the nether and technically not in Struthio, it could only be accessed by and at Struthio, and occurred during the Renaissance as the trio of builders amped up their base's power and flaunted its wealth. The wither farm was expansive, a large-scale project that required hours of netherrack removal and slab-placing. Nevertheless, this cemented Struthio's desire to come out on top as a powerhouse on SimPvP, and its competitive side only grew larger as it came closer to approaching Ascaris.

The End of the League

On September 28th, 2018, ostrich1414 officially announced his departure from the League, citing the team as an inactive, irrelevant organization in the server's climate; later that day, him and Porkington discussed the fate of the League and agreed on officially disbanding the team, finally laying it to rest. Although the League had technically still controlled Struthio up until this point, its control was extremely weak and unimportant, and the League's constant inactivity and neglect of its bases led Struthio to flourish on its own, no longer needing the League. Ostrich1414, Porkington and Sengorn_Leopard all agreed that Struthio should be a self-sufficient city-state free of being blockaded by a team focusing on other irrelevant projects, and thus the end of the League allowed the three to shift their focuses solely onto Struthio as it continued on its progressive renaissance.

The Height of the Renaissance

By October 2018, one year since the foundation of Struthio in October 2017, construction was booming and the city was growing as Struthio's Renaissance began to reach its climax. On October 2nd, 2018, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard and Porkington invited fellow player jaffdhi to Struthio, increasing the base's player count and adding more skilled workers to the mix. All the while, Sengorn_Leopard and ostrich1414 continued construction of their wither farm in the Nether, which was finally finished by mid-October. From there, they were able to mass produce beacons and blaze rods, aiding their city's growing supply of wealth.

Sengorn_Leopard, who had been working on a massive build off the shore of Struthio's coastline, eventually decided on a name: "Aether Tower". By mid-October, Aether Tower was the single-largest and tallest structure in Struthio, breaking the record previously set by the Hall of Vatlos. Meanwhile, Vatlos itself was being finished by Porkington and ostrich1414, who finally topped off the structure by completing its roof and focusing on its interior. Ostrich1414 also constructed the aptly-titled "ostrich1414's Llama Emporium", aiming to establish a monopoly on the llama industry.


As November 2018 came around, Struthio was still growing progressively, with more major farm projects being introduced to the city. Sengorn_Leopard developed a unique spherical cactus farm off the coast, next to Aether Tower, and beside that he also constructed a tall, skyscraper-like sugar cane farm. An ornate road was also constructed for easier transportation to the two, with plans to develop a similar road system throughout the entirety of Struthio. However, the main project created around this time was a massive auto-smelting machine, able to smelt multiple stacks of items in almost a minute. This provided the city with more resources including glass and stone, as well as other cooked goods. According to Yukarion, this auto-smelter is the single-largest auto-smelter on SimPvP at the time of writing this.

Struthio's First Colony

On November 9th, 2018, ostrich1414 made a historical decision when he decided to annex the island town of Bapadia for Struthio. Ostrich1414 was originally invited to Bapadia that same day by its founder, Bapada63, who introduced ostrich1414 to the small mesa-themed community. However, later that night, ostrich1414 secretly annexed the entire base, constructing a new administrative section on the town known as the "New Struthio District" and renaming Bapadia "The Colony of Bapadia", as well as placing multiple Struthio banners around the island. Ostrich1414 wrote on multiple signs that Bapadia was now a colony of Struthio, and any form of resistance shown towards their new rulers would be met with force. A cactus tax of 20 cacti per day was also imposed on the town, as was a mandatory curfew.


Upon rejoining, Bapada63 was distraught to find his town under the control of Struthio, and thus left promptly, abandoning it. Although ostrich1414 held onto the town and raided it for its little valuables it had, things soon fell through as DakkaDok, Bapada63's teammate, destroyed Bapadia and forced ostrich1414 to withdraw his claims of colonization, rendering the town useless.

On November 16th, 2018, in an effort to restore peace and mend their fractured relationship, ostrich1414 and Bapada63 signed a peace treaty together in /world, with ostrich1414 formally apologizing for the annexation and colonization of Bapadia. In return, Bapada63 invited ostrich1414 to his new base, New Bapadia, where ostrich1414 built an official Struthio Embassy in order to maintain peace between the two settlements.


The Arrival of 1.13

As soon as the Update Aquatic, or 1.13 was updated to SimPvP, many things changed: the server was significantly laggier, many mechanics were changed, and the oceans as a whole were overhauled into something new. Because of this, Struthio experienced many changes, including a decrease in efficiency of its wither and endermen farms. The laggier gameplay also made it much harder to play at first, although this changed with time. Nevertheless, Struthio quickly adapted to the update, introducing many new ocean items to its vast coastal areas, including seagrass and kelp, as well as ostrich1414's construction of a turtle farm.

Jaffdhi, who had been secretly working on a major project most of this time, announced that he was creating the newest map art for SimPvP off the shore of Struthio, not to far from ostrich1414's map art. Simultaneously, Sengorn_Leopard began working on an extensive underground sewer system, comprised of stone brick variants and shallow waters flowing through canal-like tunnels, many of which connect to certain buildings.

Growing Membership and Ambitions

By mid-December 2018, shortly after a world upgrade had taken place, ostrich1414 formally invited two new members to Struthio: starzbright76, whom he had met and become close allies with on SimPvP's temporary map, and CrackyJoe, a longtime player who displayed skills and a work ethic needed by the city. The two were brought to Struthio around this time, contributing to the ever-growing map; starzbright76 constructed her own house and a nearby stable, as well as a Christmas-themed centerpiece, while CrackyJoe assisted the others with ongoing mega-projects. Meanwhile, ostrich1414 was finishing up his own newest builds, a canal entryway on the Magna Avem River and a steamship entering it known as the "Queen of the Magna Avem", as well as a new skyscraper project, an apartment building named "Majesty Apartments".


Perhaps the most important aspect of the December - January section of Struthio's history were the return to focus on mega-projects and large-scale farms. As their previous wither farm had been broken due to 1.13, the crew began construction on a new, much bigger and more complex wither farm; Struthio had made a name for itself as a leader in the beacon/nether star industry, thus making it crucial to have access to a much more efficient machine. Plans for a massive gold farm were also underway, requiring the members of Struthio to mine sixteen chests of obsidian in order to prepare for it. Simultaneously, among these farm projects, Sengorn_Leopard began working on a large-scale kelp farm, as well as modifying his auto-smelter. Struthio's ambitious plans of having massive, large-scale farms for various projects were finally coming to fruition, and its admission as a major "world power" within SimPvP was becoming much more apparent.

Rapid Expansion

As SimPvP entered 2019, the city began to expand rapidly, with construction centered on the main urbanizing peninsula as well as off its shores and borders. The massive kelp farm was eventually finished between January and February, making it not only one of, if not the largest of kelp farms on the server, but one which would severely lag any player who stood near it (the farm could harvest 73,000 stacks of kelp at its peak). Furthermore, Sengorn_Leopard worked on modifying the vicinity around the kelp farm, including better road systems, a better-looking quarry, a beautiful tree farm and even a water-powered elytra propeller. Sengorn-Leopard also returned to the ring project around Aether Tower, developing a massive arch across the skyline. Meanwhile, CrackyJoe would lead development on various highrises, including Imperium Tower and Crackstone Spire, as well as the Nos Astra-influenced Struthio General Hospital. After these projects, CrackyJoe would head another massive build with his colosseum, built away from the peninsula and serving as the city's massive arena.


After getting banned from his then-server of choice, Porkington returned to Struthio, this time bringing along a new member known as SoCuteSam. Porkington completely reshaped the Hall of Vatlos' external figure, as well as massive infrastructure changes which were complemented by a large road traveling underneath the Hall. SoCuteSam reorganized Struthio's jumbled storage facility, as well as making one of the first moves towards expansion by building a large unnamed structure out by the Villager District.

Perhaps one of the moments that truly propelled this period of expansion away from the main peninsula was the return of Master_Xybot in early February 2019. One of the original members of Struthio along with ostrich1414 and Porkington, Master_Xybot returned from his hiatus to begin a conquest of island colonization, settling various islands along Struthio's Camelus Sea. The first island Master_Xybot would settle was dubbed the Isle of Fry, which included a large observation tower known as Fry Tower, a bed and breakfast, and a docking station with the dockmaster's quarters. In fact, Master_Xybot would even develop lore behind the Isle of Fry: many of the island's inhabitants are fish, as they were magically changed from humans to fish after challenging the god of the sea. There the fish remained, cursed on the island forever as ships pass to and from its docks on their way to mainland Struthio.

Isle of Fry.png

Imperial Expansion

Aside from the city itself, Struthio would also expand its empire as well. After the incident with Bapadia in November 2018, Struthio strayed away from colonialism until January 18th, 2019 when ostrich1414 annexed Fort Cranberry for Struthio. Here, ostrich1414 put AaronRC93 and talksalot011 in charge of the base, ordering them and their citizens (including Melonbai) to defend the fort against its founder, CranberryWarrior, as well as other threats. Eventually, a series of attacks would occur at the base as CranberryWarrior attempted to reclaim his fort from imperial hands. Although he was successful on some accounts, he would later give up by late January, where the fort remained under Struthian possession until its destruction by YeeterMyPeeter on February 17th, 2019.


Struthio signed various peace treaties with other cities during this time, forming new beneficial relationships. Ostrich1414 met with the citizens of Triterrus in Quinsigamond, where they signed a peace treaty of cooperation between their two bases. Ostrich1414 also traveled to Ishtar, forming an alliance with AtacFauxpas.

The Building Boom

Late February - April 2019 saw a severely increased "building boom" on the Struthian Peninsula, renamed to "Downtown Struthio". Struthio's skyline began to dominate the view from the coast, with a new skyscraper being added every other week. TPS Tower, built by CrackyJoe, and the Struthio Financial Center, built by ostrich1414, grew to be the two tallest skyscrapers on the peninsula, as though racing to compete against each other; however, TPS Tower was slightly taller due to its massive antennae. CrackyJoe also worked on a midrise building, Bayview Apartments, and began Struthio City Hall.


Massive landscaping efforts took place, including ostrich1414 modifying land by his first two towers in order to fit in the National Museum of Struthian History, containing several historic artifacts from Struthio's history, both internal and imperial. Ostrich1414 also redid the tip of the peninsula by Porkington's House, adding several smaller buildings to urbanize it. Meanwhile, Sengorn_Leopard built several farms along a new road jutting out into the sea; these included a tree farm, a chorus fruit farm, and a nether wart farm. Porkington had also begun work on his future district, then unnamed, which would encompass a massive amount of land behind the Hall of Vatlos.

Offshore, several key builds were taking place. Upon finishing the Isle of Fry, Master_Xybot continued his island hopping expedition, this time establishing Jorgen's Isle. This new island furthered the lore of the Struthian Islands, claiming that the island's most infamous resident was secretly a drug kingpin, moving massive amounts of cocaine into his underground cave systems as new shipments arrive on the island's docks (for an in-depth history of Master_Xybot's island lore, click this link: The Struthian Fishing Disaster). Furthermore, Struthio had invited two new members by late March 2019, although neither would be staying full-time. DakkaDok would arrive at the city on behalf of Nos Aeterna, serving as a diplomatic gesture. He would soon build the Embassy of Nos Aeterna off the coast of Struthio, strengthening relations between the two cities. Clipchip soon arrived, where he built a massive purple "robot" off the coast, modeling it to appear as though it is attacking the city.

On March 29th, 2019, The Republic of Voynistan declared its independence from Struthio, becoming a fully-sovereign island nation. Although relations have been relatively decent between the two entities, there was a short period of international controversy when the Republic of Vonyistan was suspected of having nuclear missiles pointed towards Struthio's coast.


Perhaps the main issue the "building boom" contributed to was the lack of space: the peninsula was urbanizing extremely quickly, forcing larger builds to retreat offshore into the Camelus Sea, or even far beyond the dominating Hall of Vatlos. In an effort to squeeze builds into tight spaces, ostrich1414 would construct a series of smaller buildings, adding to the congested feel.

The Mass Panic of April Fool's Day

On April 1st, 2019, Struthio suffered from mass hysteria when the server created a fake message publicizing players' portal coordinates in chat. When ostrich1414 stepped through one of his portals, the coordinates were "leaked" by the server into chat, where everyone spammed it in shock and surprise. To ostrich1414, the coordinates shown were his own actual coordinates, but the April Fool's joke was that, to everyone else, the coordinates were fake and randomly-generated. However, ostrich1414 did not know this, and thus declared a state of emergency within the city. Several Struthians arrived in panic, moving all valuables and chests as they prepared to abandon the city altogether and everything they had worked for...only to discover that the "coordinate leaks" were, in fact, a joke. Thus, work within the city resumed as usual, with nobody wanting to admit the embarrassment that had just occurred.


On April 13th, 2019, Struthio's second official member, Porkington, announced his departure from the city, quitting indefinitely. His reasons for leaving were his perceived lack of respect both in the city and on the server as a whole, the city's infringement on his claimed land, and a growing tension with certain players within the city (this incident as a whole is given from Porkington's perspective in Server Pigstory). As Porkington had been the first player ostrich1414 had invited to Struthio way back in October 2017, contributing greatly to the early city, his departure was a major loss.

Before officially leaving, Porkington partially griefed the Hall of Vatlos with streams of lava, severely burning the flooring inside. He also left a series of signs below the Hall, citing his reasons for leaving. Shortly thereafter, he fled the city, and was removed from the city's Discord group. The departure of Porkington from Struthio and his retirement from various server affairs has been dubbed "Porxit".


The Collapse of an Empire

The months of April and May of 2019 were by far Struthio's most tumultuous times, possibly even SimPvP's most tense era since 2015-2016. Despite the city practically budding with new builds and expansion, featuring several new features almost daily, political discourse and diplomatic issued plagued the city; furthermore, an event involving Struthio's discovery changed things for the worse. Nevertheless, despite all of these issues, Struthio prevailed and never truly ceased construction until the very day it was abandoned; some of the city's final features include a new European-style island by Master_Xybot, as well as his twin pharaoh statues; M_BRIX, CrackyJoe's brother, joining the city and building a large end brick giant's hand budding out of the sea; the introduction of Capnruch as Struthio's final member and his construction of an unfinished castle; and the complete overhaul of the city's infrastructure by CrackyJoe and ostrich1414, including two new central plazas, more efficient road systems, and a brand-new flooring underneath the Hall of Vatlos.


However, as previously mentioned, things quickly soured. On April 23rd, it was discovered that Struthio had been found by a group known as "Passione": these players included Brusa95, Chris_cord and trppbll. Luckily, ostrich1414 was on good terms with them, and after a series of discussions, they assured him that no harm would come to the city. However, Passione was also allied with Antzakes1, a player who had issues with several Struthians. While ostrich1414 was somewhat allied with Antzakes1, jaffdhi, Sengorn_Leopard, CrackyJoe and clipchip were most certainly not. It was Antzakes1 who appeared to threaten Struthio's lifeline the most, and he would soon take advantage of his access to its coordinates.

StruthioDiscovery1.png StruthioDiscovery2.png

Antzakes1 would repeatedly make threats towards the city whenever he saw fit, threatening to leak its coordinates and destroy the city as a whole. However, nothing would come out of these threats as he stated them. Regardless, within the city itself, Struthio was beginning to realize the short lifespan it had, and they were forced to acknowledge the threat Antzakes1 placed on the city. Ostrich1414 decided to bring several players to the city in an attempt to build an "army" in the event an attack were to take place: these players included his longtime allies like JavelinFury, MisterStrawman, dariepearjuicy and jackswastedtime. The large playerbase at Struthio began to discuss potential war tactics and diplomatic resolutions as tensions only worsened.

Eventually, ostrich1414 discovered something that led the entire crisis to its climax: AntHand, a member of ostrich1414's other city, Florestria, had made a deal with Antzakes1. The two were allied and had been working together behind the scenes; thus, Antzakes1 offered AntHand Struthio coordinates, which he exchanged for Florestria coordinates. Furthermore, the two would later raid/partially grief the city of Java Linsghey, a base mutually created by many Struthians. These factors infuriated much of Struthio, and the likelihood of an all-out war was increasing. Ostrich1414 began to plan an attack on AntHand, feeling betrayed, as the entire city of Struthio planned out a war against Antzakes1. However, most were still uncertain if a war was even necessary, or at the very least, profitable; Antzakes1 had many of their coordinates, but no Struthians had access to Antzakes1's.

On May 9th, 2019, ostrich1414 attacked and killed AntHand at Florestria while he was AFK at his gunpowder farm, essentially as an act of revenge. However, the two realized they had been tricked by Antzakes1: Antzakes1 had falsely allied himself with AntHand simply to gain Florestria coordinates, and he also wanted ostrich1414 to kill AntHand so that he didn't have to. His intentions were simply to create chaos and tensions purely for the acts themselves. Because of these reasons, and the fact that Struthio's coordinates were beginning to float around the server to various players, the entirety of Struthio felt that waging war on Antzakes1 was ultimately pointless; nothing would be gained from it. Thus, they decided to formally and officially abandon the city, admitting defeat: many of Struthio's members left for new bases, while the rest returned to their old projects. In short, Struthio's time in the spotlight as a SimPvP superpower had ended: the city, and its empire, had collapsed after almost two years.

Life After Death

After Struthio had been abandoned by its former members for a few days, ostrich1414 decided to invite a few players to explore the city, as it was practically public at that point. Firstly, ostrich1414 invited three members of YeeterMyPeeter, jake276493, BossCoww and e_lee to the city. They soon became informally known as the "Struthian Militia", pledging to protect and defend the city from harm. Later, ostrich1414 invited other players, including ReaganKindred, egnaroky and several members of Triterrus. Struthio, despite being inactive, began to flourish as a tourist destination. Eventually, other players would gain access to its coordinates, visiting the city for themselves.

On May 26th, 2019, TheOnlySlash publicly released Struthio's coordinates to the server's Discord after learning that Antzakes1 was profiting off of the sale of the coordinates to other players. Almost immediately, several new players showed up at the city; however, nobody griefed or attacked it. In a very out-of-character moment for the anarchy server, Struthio, being a now-public city of such notability, was being respected by its visitors. The tourism it received was beneficial, and the new visitors pledged to protect Struthio from harm. This was perceived as a show of respect and admiration for the great city, which ultimately led ostrich1414 and other Struthians to consider this as a victory: Struthio, a public tourism hub, had survived from its detractors merely due to the fact that it was a well-respected and revered city.

Some pictures of Struthio during this time:

StruthioMay2019I.png StruthioMay2019II.png StruthioMay2019III.png

The End

Unfortunately, however, things would eventually change for the worse: on June 3rd, 2019, Struthio was griefed by jared2013, a notable player from the server 2b2t. He was brought to the server by Roxy9999, who was soon to be discovered as an alt of PhamtomGuy; furthermore, jared2013 was supplied by Korijenkins. The entirety of Historic Struthio was burned to the ground due to it mainly consisting of acacia wood, and much of the Struthian Peninsula and its skyscrapers were lavacasted and destroyed. The Queen of the Magna Avem had also been entirely stripped of its iron blocks by TheOnlySlash in an unrelated incident. Regardless, the city of Struthio had been greatly damaged by this, succumbing to its status as a now-public base, abandoned by its former caretakers.


Some high-quality images of Struthio, taken by Sengorn_Leopard:

AetherTowerMarch.png StruthioMarch1.png StruthioMarch2.png StruthioSewersNew.png