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Player (OP)
Ingame name: ostrich1414
Alts: ostpoor1414, ostywosty1414, ostwich_uwu_nyaa, CranberryWarrior (Secret Alt Until April 2020), WilburThePig (Shared Alt)
Status: Semi-active
First joined: December 27th, 2013

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Clans: The Order of Wilbur (Current), United Alliance (Former), The Royal Allegiance (Former), The League (Former), Coalition of Allied Bases (Former), Bloc for Clans (Former), New League (Former), The Republic (Former), Shakatak (Former), North Koria (Clan) (Former)
Bases: The Stomping Ground, Uinia, Stonetown, Virunum, Quinsigamond, Monarchia, Estevez, Struthio, Oberstein, Majula, Java Linsghey, Tol Honeth, Florestria, Nos Aeterna, Yittrium, Segoria, Craftablia, Vulpes Den, City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur, Shakatak Mycelia, Exultia, Inferno, Belgium, Quabbin, Void City, Suidae Temple, Sternenfall Nochmal, Riverwood, São Porco, Dreamscape, Gosnold, New Yittrium

”Couple A, B, C's, bad bitch, double D's, popping E, I don't give a F, told you I'm a G”

~A$AP Rocky

Ostrich1414 is a player and former admin who joined the server on December 27th, 2013. Although he has been on-and-off again regarding his activity online, he has stayed relatively loyal to both the server and his fellow teammates.

Ostrich1414 is noteworthy for being the server's only black player and one of its most frequent AFK players, as well as a dedicated Masshole and cynical shitposter with a self-deprecation problem.



A Legend Arrives

On the cold, snowy day of December 27th, 2013, player ostrich1414 logged onto SimPvP with his friend PlayaSwoop9. Looking for a vanilla server to grief and destroy people's work, the two headed away from the mangled mess of Spawn, but didn't get far; they both died various times due to lack of food.

At the time, ostrich1414 and PlayaSwoop9 were noobs and had no idea how to play Minecraft at all; they had both just recently gotten the game for the first time.

However, a miracle would soon arrive: DeflowVesper, an admin, helped lead the two noobs to safety, bringing them to Castle Snowfrog where they indulged in hundreds of melons and built a small, cobblestone cube to live in within the castle's grounds.


PlayaSwoop9 later left the server and never returned, unimpressed by it. Ostrich1414, however, took a liking to it and stuck around Castle Snowfrog for a few weeks. Here, he developed a small friendship with snowfrog43 and helped to maintain the castle by farming and simply cleaning it up a bit.

Alliance with Pippenger

One day while in Castle Snowfrog, ostrich1414 began a conversation in the chat with a player named Pippenger. After talking for a few hours, where he educated ostrich1414 on Minecraft basics, Pippenger invited him to a base he was currently working on, known simply as "The Stomping Ground". Ostrich1414 traveled there and met up with Pippenger, who was working on the base alongside Mr._Hole_Digger. Construction on the base began around January 2014.

Pippenger was very kind to ostrich1414, giving him the freedom to build whatever he wanted and a limitless supply of tools and materials for his creations. With these, ostrich1414 built a shitty house on the edge of a bay: his first "major" build on the server.


Early that same year, ostrich1414 collaborated with pippenger once again, as well as Cdnam5, as they built Uinia, a large castle near spawn; they also founded "The Noobtree Foundation", a short-lived organization dedicated to assisting new players and repairing spawn.


A Journey of Self

When The Stomping Ground began to dissolve and Uinia was completed, and work in general was slowed to an abrupt end, Pippenger left to tend to other bases while ostrich1414 decided to set out on his own. He eventually landed on a small island nearby spawn, where he constructed yet another shitty, unfinished cobblestone house. He stayed on this island for a short time, working on his appalling base by himself. The remnants of this base can still be seen today at x=13166 z=1795.

While here, Pippenger asked him yet again to join his newest base: Stonetown. Ostrich1414 was eager to come and help and immediately departed from his island base, heading towards Stonetown.

Stonetown, Wilbur, and His Brief Hiatus

At Stonetown, ostrich1414 was able to grow into a much better player and builder. At this time, around early to mid-2014, ostrich1414 helped in the construction of a small town outside of a massive dome made out of dirt and covered in trees; using Pippenger's Imperial Architecture, ostrich1414 was able to strengthen his building skills and constructed many of the town's buildings.

Stonetown 3.png

On July 29th, 2014, ostrich1414 attempted to get the achievement "When Pigs Fly". He was trying to complete many of the existing Minecraft achievements and this seemed like one he could easily do. Grabbing a pig, whom he named "Wilbur", ostrich1414 headed to the top of the tree dome and climbed on top of Wilbur. The two fell to their death and all that remained was Wilbur's saddle and the carrot-on-a-stick. The brutal murder of Wilbur sparked outrage throughout the server, and a memorial was constructed in both Stonetown and in /world by ostrich1414. A secret cult, known as "The Order of Wilbur", was later established, and its headquarters remained in Stonetown. Not much is known about this secretive organization.

When construction in Stonetown began to slow down and its members moved on to other things, ostrich1414 went on a brief hiatus, unsure if he would ever rejoin again.

He's Back! (feat. Hiatus, Part II)

In early 2015, ostrich1414 rejoined SimPvP. Pippenger, ever so kind to him, invited ostrich1414 to his newest base: Virunum. Ostrich1414 made the long journey there, eager to reunite with his former teammates and begin work on a brand-new base, possibly the biggest one yet. He eventually landed in a small village suburb just outside of the planned city's location; this village was a walled-in area made predominantly out of granite blocks. Here, ostrich1414 stayed as he prepared himself for the next big build.

While at Virunum, ostrich1414 only ever completed one building, the shitty house shown below:


It wasn't long before ostrich1414 went on hiatus yet again. However, unlike before, this was a much longer hiatus: he left the server in mid-2015 and did not return until January of 2017. During his absence, ostrich1414 fucked nine million bitches and snorted 57 lines of cocaine daily.

A New Era of ostrich1414

In January of 2017, ostrich1414 finally returned to the server. He came to realize that he had missed a lot of things: a major war, the building (and griefing) of Virunum, and even Pippenger's official retirement from the game. Determined to stay put on the server and leave an impact on it, ostrich1414 returned to Stonetown briefly to get back in shape for playing yet again. Reuniting with old friends and explaining his desire to stay, ostrich1414 set out, yet again, on a journey to build a new base.

He later settled on a fair-sized Mushroom Island biome in the middle of the ocean. As he set up base there, he recruited Z33VN to come and help him construct this new base: a base built in the honor of Pippenger, using his signature Imperial Architecture style. This base, known as "Quinsigamond", grew very quickly as ostrich1414 recruited his longtime ally and friend JavelinFury, as well as players Elystriana and KellyEKelly. Quinsigamond eventually became a hub of history, serving as an exhibition to the hard work and dedication that the longtime players of SimPvP have contributed to the server; this city became a living memorial to these players and their history.


Creating a Capital

After Quinsigamond's completion, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury began their newest project: a massive city known as "Monarchia". Monarchia was to become the capital city for the Remembrance, a new clan founded by the two themselves. The goal of this clan was to preserve and protect SimPvP's rich history and culture, and it was understood that this team of players needed a much larger city to headquarter their efforts. Joined by their close ally clipchip, the three began to work on Monarchia as they prepared to establish a capital for the server's newest clan and a much larger city, made up of various distinct districts; this was ostrich1414's largest project to date, and it was this moment when he realized that, despite Pippenger's departure from the server, maybe he was capable of reclaiming this former glory and establishing an empire of his own. With Quinsigamond complete, the Remembrance growing, and Monarchia in the works ostrich1414 was becoming more involved in the society of the server than ever before.


The United Alliance

In June of 2017, ostrich1414 received a surprise when Pippenger, using his alt Porkington, returned to the server after a long hiatus (one that even rivals ostrich1414's). This event, as well as several other minor factors, prompted ostrich1414 and JavelinFury to fully reform the Remembrance and shift its focus and organization. This change saw the creation of the United Alliance, a new clan which put ostrich1414 as its leader. The United Alliance, or UA, grew very quickly as new recruits were taken in almost daily and a surplus of bases were gained under its control throughout the server. Ostrich1414, who had never been the leader of such a large clan before, quickly felt the pressure and was forced to curb his dictatorial urges of authority and genocide. Meanwhile, he would focus on infrastructure, recruitment, and community production as he attempted to mirror the image of his mentor, Pippenger.

The War of Monarchia and Surrender

Though the next few months of the UA's existence were very progressive and bountiful, reaching its peak membership and involved with a vast assortment of affiliated bases, things began to turn sour when clipchip officially left the UA on August 22nd, 2017. Tensions between him and the UA only worsened, and he soon established "Clipiiii's Gang" following his departure.


From September 27th, 2017 to October 6th, 2017, the United Alliance and Clipiiii's Gang were engaged in a war fought entirely on Monarchia, known as the War of Monarchia. The war was declared by ostrich1414 himself after several acts of aggression from clipchip, who threatened the UA's progression and Monarchia's sovereignty. Though the war resulted in multiple deaths and an array of damage and destruction, it ultimately ended in peace as ostrich1414 officially surrendered to Clipiiii's Gang on October 6th, ending the War of Monarchia.

After this date, ostrich1414 formally resigned from his position as Leader of the United Alliance and gave full control of the organization to clipchip, who later used its foundations to establish a new, modified clan, The Royal Allegiance. Under this treaty, clipchip had also gained control of all of the UA's bases, including ostrich1414's creations, Quinsigamond and Monarchia. The war and its results took a deep toll on ostrich1414 as he soon became semi-active and would tend to AFK frequently, though clipchip still allowed him to build in Monarchia and other such bases under the title of his personal indentured servant.

A New League

Secretly, behind the scenes, ostrich1414 and his close ally Porkington had been plotting the results of the War of Monarchia all along: after ostrich1414 resigned from the United Alliance and gave control over to clipchip, ostrich1414 and Porkington would move onto a new base as they began to plan a new clan of their own. Under the guise of being an RA member, ostrich1414 and Porkington began to work together on their new base, "Estevez", or "Vez" for short: a massive underground complex consisting of various farms, domes and halls, beginning in October of 2017. The two eventually recruited Master_Xybot, their fellow ally and former UA member, and the three worked tirelessly on Estevez as they began secretly plotting theirs.


In the midst of construction at Estevez, ostrich1414 founded another newer base for the team, named Struthio. Though much smaller in size than Estevez, Struthio was unique as it was a small coastal savannah town consisting entirely of acacia wood and stone brick, and the town's layout itself was modeled after ostrich1414's own Quinsigamond due to its congestion in such a small land area. Struthio also contained various villager farms nearby, as well as the later Hall of Vatlos, a colossal structure which ostrich1414 and Porkington began work on in December 2017.


Ostrich1414 also began to work around spawn more frequently this time, taking part in much smaller bases, including Oberstein and Grasstle. These bases came with the sole intent to spread the team's influence near spawn and to draw new players and prepare them for their career in the server, hoping to breed a new generation of SimPvP players and teammates. Using his alt OstrichsGayAlt at Oberstein and frequently visiting Grasstle to assist newcomers, ostrich1414 made it a new goal of his to reach out to new players and give them hope, reminiscent of his mission while in the UA.

Oberstein1.png GrasstleOverview.png

On January 5th, 2018, the three co-founders finally decided on a team name: The League. After announcing this publicly to the server, all three players officially withdrew from the Royal Allegiance, and ostrich1414 was finally able to focus solely on his work for the League, no longer being secretive or suspicious.

Times of Turbulence

Upon withdrawing from the RA, ostrich1414 and his League companions drew much controversy and criticism from their former RA allies, who were furious that they left. This anger was especially garnered by JavelinFury and clipchip, who openly denounced the League various times. Z33VN, Quinsigamond's co-founder, was also furious upon ostrich1414's departure. Despite this, ostrich1414 maintained his status as an active member of the League, working on various team projects, all the while attempting to mend the fractured relationship between him and his RA allies.

On January 19th, 2018, Quinsigamond suffered from a minor griefing incident in which one of the city's main towers was covered in lava. Though there was very little damage and the griefing was far from destructive, it still sent a warning to ostrich1414 that one of his former allies may be after him, especially one who had access to Quinsigamond. Although he was unable to discover the culprit behind the act, clipchip and Z33VN were seen as the prime suspects, though both have denied participating in the incident. Despite this, all players saw the griefing as a response to the formation of the League and ostrich1414's departure from the RA.


In the next two months that followed, war appeared to be imminent as The Cold War commenced. The League and the Royal Allegiance were rarely on good terms, and the two teams barely cooperated or respected each other. Both JavelinFury and clipchip claimed to have discovered Pippenger's city Ascaris, which severely lowered the League's morale and struck fear among many, especially ostrich1414 and Pippenger himself. Later on, the RA city of Monarchia was severely griefed and looted by an unknown player, and the act was denounced by both teams; however, as no one knew who conducted the griefing, players from both teams attempted to frame each other in order to favor themselves. Coupled with these events, the RA frequently claimed to be constructing weapons of mass destruction which would destroy the League, and the League would also make threats, expressing a desire to cripple the already-declining RA.

By mid-March 2018, nothing major seemed to occur, a war was never declared. Ostrich1414, due to increased boredom, disinterest, and "IRL" obligations, as well as fear and anxiety on the server, began to play less and less, logging on very infrequently and AFK-ing more than playing. His last major project on the server before his frequent inactivity was the city of Majula, which he constructed with Porkington, Sir_Phenhex and CranberryWarrior. However, this did not last very long, and ostrich1414 began to severely decline in activity, possibly hinting at a third hiatus from the server.


Taking it Easy

After abandoning Majula in March due to a suspected infiltration, as well as dealing with other issues in real life, ostrich1414's inactivity turned to a (very) short hiatus. From mid-March to late-June 2018, as the Cold War reached its end, ostrich1414 failed to return to the server and remained inactive. However, by late June, ostrich1414 had once again returned, this time with the goal of "taking it easy". Rather than returning with a "boom" like he had the last time he returned from a hiatus, ostrich1414 decided to focus on helping others, rather than himself.

Around late June, ostrich1414 invited Sengorn_Leopard, a new ally of his and pippenger's, to Quinsigamond. From Quinsigamond, ostrich1414 then transferred Sengorn_Leopard to Struthio, where he remained for a longer period of time. Ostrich1414 became a mentor-of-sorts to Sengorn_Leopard, briefing him on the culture and history of SimPvP that he had come to learn and love. Though Struthio had remained stagnant for months, Sengorn-Leopard's arrival revived it, and the base once again flourished with new projects and architecture.

Ostrich1414 was eventually invited to join the base Java Linsghey in July 2018; here, he assisted his longtime allies, such as JavelinFury, clipchip, and MisterStrawman, among others. Ostrich1414 built the Get Clip A Girlfriend National Headquarters, providing the organization he had founded in 2017 with a legitimate physical office. However, ostrich1414 was not as regularly active at Java Linsghey as he was at previous bases, and it soon fell relatively stale. Because of this, shortly thereafter, ostrich1414 was invited to yet another base, this time Tol Honeth, by JavelinFury and clipchip once again in August 2018. Though he was becoming immersed in the server's current events once more, he failed to be as active or as aggressive as he once was, and decided that it was time to enjoy the moments while they lasted.

JavaLinsgheySkyline.png TolHoneth1.png

Ostrich1414's Renaissance

By late-August 2018, ostrich1414 had shifted most of his focus onto Struthio, the small coastal town he had founded with the League. Though he had largely abandoned it since early 2018 due to his hiatus, he gained a renewed interest in it due to Sengorn_Leopard's arrival. Here, Sengorn_Leopard began constructing a large, complex structure known as "Aether Tower", which promptly turned his "temporary" stay at Struthio into a permanent one. Sengorn-Leopard's interest in building up Struthio greatly influenced ostrich1414, who worked alongside him as the two added many new buildings and farms to the city. Thus, this became the beginning of Struthio's Renaissance, the rebirth of the previously neglected base, which witnessed a massive growth of its peninsula area. Porkington and ostrich1414 also completed the Hall of Vatlos, having put it on hold prior to Struthio's Renaissance.


Much of this rebuilding of Struthio came as a response to pippenger's own desire to greatly expand his base Ascaris, claiming it to be the largest, most vast city on SimPvP. Thus, ostrich1414, Sengorn_Leopard and pippenger entered a friendly competition with each other as both Struthio and Ascaris tried to outgrow the other in terms of size and complexity, a rivalry jokingly referred to as the beginning of "The Vast Age".

On September 28th, 2018, ostrich1414 officially announced his departure from the League, with himself and Porkington later deciding to disband the team altogether. As ostrich1414 wanted to solely focus on Struthio, and pippenger on Ascaris, with the team itself becoming largely dormant and irrelevant, the two decided that there was no logical reason to continue the League's goals and objectives, but, rather, to remain teamless and focus on expanding SimPvP's existing bases.

Not long after, in October 2018, ostrich1414 and Porkington continued their expansion of Oberstein, their mountainous town near spawn. This was done in anticipation of the 2018 version of the spawn map (found here: [1]), which was set to release the following month in November. Along with greatly increasing Oberstein's size, the two also collaborated on Glowstone Tower, a massive nearby tower that reached up to the height limit.

ObI.png GlowstoneTower1.png

Adjusting to an Ever-Changing Landscape

On November 1st, 2018, ostrich1414 hosted the first-ever Server Party at Quinsigamond, an event that would soon become infamous. After making Quinsigamond a public base that same day, releasing coordinates for all to access and connecting it to the nether highway, he hosted a party at the city, prompting ten other players to join him in celebration. However, things soon went awry when Sellout9, one of the guests, began mercilessly attacking some of the players. An all-out massacre soon arose as all players began fighting each other, resulting in many deaths and lost valuables. Quinsigamond itself was affected, with some of the city destroyed and in ruins, as well as looted and raided. Nevertheless, Quinsigamond still stands today, open to the public, and the memory of the crazy event of the Server Party became a highlight of the year.


When 1.13 came around in mid-November, things changed forever as SimPvP was altered in many ways. The server became much laggier and slower, and dozens of farms were destroyed and/or modified. This would eventually result in a full-scale upgrade, forcing the server's admin Yukarion to create a temporary map as the main map updated in the background. On the temporary map, beginning on December 5th, 2018, ostrich1414 started from scratch and soon formed an alliance and base of operations with other players. Here, ostrich1414, along with these teammates, launched an all-out war against all pro-phantomers (those who supported the addition of phantoms in 1.13) loosely referred to as "The Phantom Wars". All pro-phantomer bases and players were griefed and killed respectively, resulting in ostrich1414's own base being destroyed in response by them. Once the main map returned on December 11th, this was later resolved peacefully.


1.13's updates and the close to 2018 brought many changes to SimPvP and ostrich1414 as a whole, especially regarding Struthio, his main base of focus. Ostrich1414 had invited new players to join the city, all the while watching it quickly grow as Struthio's Renaissance continued. 1.13 had destroyed a few of Struthio's farms, forcing them to redo many of them; the greatest example of this is the destruction of Struthio's first wither farm, forcing the players to begin construction on a new farm, resulting in the second iteration becoming much larger and more complex. Struthio's emergence as a power-player within the server's politics and social climate was also becoming apparent, and ostrich1414's presence as the city founder and a forefront player allowed him to sway many of the decisions occurring there. Many of these decisions included the annexation and colonization of Bapadia on November 9th, 2018, a focus on mentoring new players and giving them positions, and attempting to strengthen alliances with other players in an attempt to build prominence.


An Explosive Growth

As SimPvP entered 2019, ostrich1414 found himself in the midst of a massively-changing culture and community: by January alone, the player count had nearly doubled, and dozens of new players were joining, more than the server had seen in a long time. Ostrich1414 recognized this change in server popularity and decided to utilize it for himself; on January 18th, 2019, ostrich1414 would perpetrate the first major event of the year: the Takeover of Fort Cranberry. Ostrich1414 annexed and colonized Fort Cranberry for Struthio, much like he did for Bapadia, and placed talksalot011 and AaronRC93 in charge of the colony. Furthermore, he ordered several new players living at the fort to place kill its owner, CranberryWarrior, on sight. What resulted were a series of battles between CranberryWarrior and ostrich1414's colonial army, ultimately resulting in ostrich1414's victory.


However, things would soon sour as a group of griefers, known as #TeamYMP, or YeeterMyPeeter, joined the server in an attempt to launch various griefing and raiding campaigns on its many spawn bases. The first of these campaign's were YMP's raid on Novus Castle on February 16th, 2019. Cmlove, who built the castle, requested backup to assist in fighting back the attackers, and ostrich1414 was one of the many players to join the counter-attack. However, despite being in fully-maxxed out diamond gear with god weapons, ostrich1414 was slain by JacksTheReaper, a member of YMP, which ultimately resulted in the raid on Novus Castle being a victory for the griefing team. Ironically enough, YMP would later grief Fort Cranberry the next day, ending ostrich1414's second official colony.


Despite these instances of intense strife and destruction, 2019 also served as a year of positive growth and change for ostrich1414. His city Struthio was skyrocketing as both a world power and a wealthy, vast city, its skyline becoming iconic. Ostrich1414 invited various new members to Struthio, and by April 2019, the city had grown significantly in both size, wealth, power and membership. Players such as CrackyJoe, clipchip and DakkaDok would soon assist at Struthio, and even Master_Xybot returned from his hiatus in February to help build once again. Porkington, however, would later quit the city, enraged by his perceived lack of respect there.


Furthermore, ostrich1414 would also become the co-founder of a new city, a sort-of side project of his to Struthio. This city was named Florestria, which he co-founded with SkykirryChycho on February 20th, 2019. What began as a small, quiet lakeside community quickly grew into a much larger city, with various farms, buildings and towers dotting the skyline. Ostrich1414 used Florestria as a city to build relationships with newer SimPvP players, a stark contrast to Struthio's makeup of older players.


During the first few months of 2019, especially due to the explosive growth in player count, ostrich1414 found himself establishing several formal relationships with other teams and bases. Struthio and Triterrus formed an official alliance as sister cities, and Struthio and Nos Aeterna also formed an alliance, with DakkaDok even arriving at Struthio to build an embassy. Struthio and Ishtar formed an alliance (prior to its grief), and Struthio and Florestria shared embassies as well. Struthio and New Bapadia found themselves forming an alliance, with ostrich1414 mending his relationship with Bapada63 after the incident at Bapadia. Ostrich1414 himself also increased his number of affiliations and alliances, trying to build a new reputation as a trading power.

Shit Goes Down

By the middle of spring 2019, ostrich1414 was able to experience both of his cities, Struthio and Florestria, prosper to their fullest as they progressed exponentially. Each city was gaining several new members, farms and buildings almost weekly. However, behind the scenes, things were not going very well diplomatically: in April 2019, Struthio had been discovered by a group known as "Passione", which included Brusa95, Chris_cord and trppbll. While ostrich1414 was allied and on good terms with Passione, there was one player whom they were allied with that would prove to be detrimental to the city: Antzakes1.


Due to a series of pre-existing tensions (which included ambushes in /world and the raid of Java Linsghey), Antzakes1 immediately began threatening Struthio's safety upon being invited there by Passione. Realizing the city was already compromised, ostrich1414 and the other Struthians began to form plans on what to do next: the declaration of war was seriously being considered, while plans for a new city in a new location was also considered. Regardless, tensions would only worsen: it was discovered that AntHand, a member of Florestria, had sold that city's coordinates to Antzakes1 for Struthio's coordinates, which now meant that Antzakes1 had access to two of ostrich1414's most important cities, which doubled the threats. Enraged at AntHand, as well as feeling betrayed, ostrich1414 decided to enact revenge on him. On May 9th, while AntHand was AFK in Florestria's gunpowder farm, ostrich1414 laced the area with TNT and blew him up, killing him instantaneously and destroying all of his drops. Ostrich1414 immediately fled from Florestria after.


Eventually, AntHand and ostrich1414 apologized to each other and made up, realizing that Antzakes1 had manipulated them into quarreling with each other. While plans for an all-out war against Antzakes1 continued, both Struthio and Florestria ultimately decided to move on and simply ignore Antzakes1. Both cities decided to fully start from scratch as several members from each flocked to new locations, while Antzakes1 ultimately went on hiatus. Unfortunately, TheOnlySlash would leak Struthio's coordinates to the public, which ultimately resulted in the city being griefed by jared2013 on June 3rd, 2019, resulting in the end of ostrich1414's greatest city yet. Florestria, meanwhile, would survive, albeit fully abandoned.

Ostrich1414 IV: A New Hope

Despite the countless setbacks of the Antzakes1 Crisis, ostrich1414 emerged stronger than ever. By June 2019, he was heavily involved in three major cities: Nos Aeterna, Yittrium and Segoria (the Big 3).

Previously, ostrich1414 had been invited to DakkaDok's city, Nos Aeterna, in mid-April 2019. Due to the city's immense distance from spawn and its lack of portal connections, ostrich1414 sent a new alt, XXXOstrichtacion, to live and work at the city. While he would not be heavily active here, ostrich1414 did assist Nos Aeterna's growth in several ways, including building a skyscraper in honor of Struthio, helping to organize the city's brand-new storage facility, and fixing several farms. Two other former Struthians, Sengorn_Leopard and CrackyJoe, were also invited alongside ostrich1414.


Yittrium was the immediate follow-up of Florestria. After Florestria was compromised and abandoned in May 2019, ostrich1414 and the rest of its members fled to a new location significantly farther out, forming the city of Yittrium. Unlike Florestria, which was a quiet, lowkey lakeside community, Yittrium was a massive metropolis with several highrises and large-scale builds. Yittrium was directly influenced by Struthio's modern-city aesthetic, featuring a very imposing skyline.


Segoria, the last of the Big 3 for ostrich1414, was a follow-up city for Struthio. Segoria's location had actually been discovered and claimed by Sengorn_Leopard during Struthio's prime, but it was essentially reserved only in the occasion that the city fell; Segoria was a back-up plot for a new start. Thus, after Struthio was compromised, several key members of the city fled to the new location, Segoria, in May 2019. Unfortunately, ostrich1414 would not be very active here: he had sent his alt OstrichsCoolAlt to live at Segoria while he focused heavily on Yittrium, but many of Segoria's members helped grow the city into a large medieval base with several palaces, temples and statues.


Outside of these three cities, ostrich1414 had been involved in the server in other smaller ways. He established the Coalition of Allied Bases in March 2019, but really progressed it by May. The CAB served as an alliance between several powerful and wealthy cities, three of which ostrich1414 was involved at. Furthermore, ostrich1414 would engage in several small-scale battles. The first of these was the Battle of Knee Mo, which took place in Yittrium on May 31st. This occurred after AntHand accidentally killed one of MoWobbler's fish in a public fountain, resulting in an all-out violent battle. The second battle was the Battle of Quagsmaria, which pitted ostrich1414 and TheOnlySlash against Lord1 and Cocoaboa. After ostrich1414 tried to annex the base Quagsmaria on July 6th, 2019 with TheOnlySlash, Lord1 attempted to take it back from them; this ultimately resulted in ostrich1414's victory.

A Second Modern Metropolis

Much of 2019 consisted of ostrich1414 working extensively on his city Yittrium. From its inception in May to the end of the year, Yittrium became ostrich1414's sole project, as he allocated much of his time here. In fact, Yittrium, in many ways, was a sequel to Struthio, ostrich1414's last major city: both Yittrium and Struthio were massive modern metropolises with large, active playerbases, all contributing new buildings every week. However, Yittrium was slowly but surely overtaking Struthio in terms of size, shape, wealth and power - this was ostrich1414's greatest base yet.


Ostrich1414 himself constructed many of the builds at Yittrium, helping define the city's dense, modern feel. However, the other members of Yittrium were equally as vital to its success: players like AntHand, MoWobbler, cheesy_chips22 and more helped grow and shape the city, especially in terms of its industrial wealth. In fact, Yittrium easily became ostrich1414's richest city: "god sets" were able to be manufactured quickly and efficiently, the iron farm was overflowing, and the raid farm, ostrich1414's first farm at the city, produced lots of Totems of Undying. Furthermore, ostrich1414 was able to secure his first truly successful colony with Yittrium: on October 23rd, 2019, he annexed Dylan_Roof's base Coon Town, a base which gave Yittrium access to much-needed villager trades, two mob farms and a gold farm.


The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

October 17th - November 18th was a notable period of 2019 for ostrich1414, as he was heavily involved in the religious, ideological crusade known as "The Holy Wilbur-Francis War". On October 17th, ostrich1414, on behalf of The Order of Wilbur, declared war on the Church of Francis; in response, its leader, Lord1, declared war on the Order of Wilbur. This war would easily become the bloodiest, most violent war in SimPvP history, featuring a plethora of large-scale battles and ambushes.


As the leader of the Order of the Wilbur and the Wilburian Army in general, ostrich1414 organized several of the battles that took place. Most notably, ostrich1414 took part in the Battle of Monarchia, the largest battle in server history to-date: a total of 19 players showed up, with 18 active soldiers fighting altogether. Ostrich1414 was involved with all the battles of the war, except for the last, the Battle of Syracusai. Nevertheless, he was able to secure several military victories for the Order of Wilbur, getting several kills (and experiencing several deaths as well). The war in itself was not only very violent, seeing active combat regularly, but was also very resource-heavy: at Yittrium, ostrich1414 and his team were forced to manufacture dozens of potions, gear and Totems of Undying for the war effort. This effort payed off, as the Order of Wilbur was successful in several battles, most notably the battles of Java Linsghey, Snowfrog, Monarchia and Syracusai.

BattleOfAndromeda.png WilburianAmryVictory.png MonarchiaVictory1.png

After the Battle of Syracusai, on November 18th, Lord1 officially surrendered to the Order of Wilbur on behalf of the Church of Francis, ending the war and resulting in an Order of Wilbur victory. Later that night, ostrich1414 organized a peace conference and victory celebration in Verillium, reviewing and accepting terms of surrender with Lord1 and celebrating his team's victory with the soldiers who helped achieve it. The Holy-Wilbur Francis War was ostrich1414's second war he had partaken in on the server, but it was easily his most successful and eventful.

The Order of Wilbur Victory 1.png The Order of Wilbur Victory 3.png

Postwar Depression

While the Holy Wilbur-Francis War had ended in a victory, ostrich1414 would be unaware of just how tense and unpleasant the next few months on SimPvP would be for him and the players around him. Almost immediately after the war's end, another war had begun: the Intervention War, declared by the Bloc for Clans (which ostrich1414 was in at the time) due to perceived long-term hostilities shown by both the Shadow Mcmafia and The Dominion. While the Intervention War would not have massive, organized battles like the war before it, the Intervention War was comprised of a series of smaller PvP battles, skirmishes and terror attacks, making it difficult for players to move around safely. While a member of the BC, ostrich1414 would not take part in this war, remaining neutral due to his friendliness with both belligerents involved in the war. Nonetheless, it killed many of his allies and threatened several of his bases, setting the tone for a tense period of time.

On December 8th, 2019, due to the Bloc for Clans announcing their plans on annexing Ascaris, ostrich1414 rushed to the city and claimed a large portion of the land for Yittrium in fear that the city would be primarily used for an advantage during the Intervention War, wanting to ensure its safety. Yittrium and the BC both agreed to divide the city in half and share it - unfortunately, a week later, Ascaris would be severely griefed by an unknown player, which many believe to be a consequence of the Intervention War.

Ascaris Colonization.png

Meanwhile, ostrich1414 had a threat of his own at Yittrium, as the city increasingly become less safe and more unstable. The Shadow Mcmafia had been threatening it for months, but the likelihood of the city being either raided or griefed became a serious topic as the player count increased and the safety and security decreased. By December 2019, Yittrium was entering the stages of a dying city: its members were rarely active, only using it for its abundance of farms. In fact, during this time, between late November and early December, ostrich1414 moved on to a solo project (which quickly grew into a massive multi-player project), establishing Craftablia on November 23rd. Made up of multiple chunks of crafting tables laid on the ground, many of which were donated by SFR and Sengorn_Leopard, ostrich1414 utilized Craftablia as an escape from Yittrium, feeling little motivation to build at his home city due to the many reasons mentioned prior. Ultimately, Craftablia would be abandoned as well, and soon discovered by a new player.

Ostrich1414 at Craftablia.png

By late December 2019 - early January 2020, ostrich1414 was growing dissatisfied and depressed with his time on SimPvP. His bases were being active and abandoned, the Intervention War was consuming the efforts of his allies, and he was lacking motivation in general. His long-time portal hub had recently been made public, and the Coalition of Allied Bases had disbanded due to inactivity. At this time, he would assist cmlove with two bases: first, The Foxhole, which only lasted a few weeks until it was griefed on December 19th, and Vulpes Den, a base he founded with cmlove shortly after the Foxhole was griefed. The two bases shared a common theme, being underground complexes with a nature inspiration - nonetheless, ostrich1414's growing boredom and lack of motivation rendered his activities here unproductive, and he would ultimately leave Vulpes Den soon after.

Vulpes Den 1.png

After a few days of inactivity and boredom, ostrich1414 officially left SimPvP for a short hiatus on January 5th, 2020. Needing some time for a break, ostrich1414's hiatus would prove detrimental to his in-game city: that same day, Yittrium was severely raided by Byzantium due to internal issues they had with fellow member TonTheKidRS, forcing the city's members to abandon it for good. Unaware of this at the time, ostrich1414 assumed that he would not be back for a few months, as his postwar depression made playing on SimPvP a chore, rather than a fun activity.

During his hiatus, ostrich1414 played a fuckton of Bed Wars on Hypixel.

He's Back, Baby!

While ostrich1414 was gone, a political dispute unrelated to the ongoing Intervention War was brewing in the city of Sigil, known as The Sigil Conflict. This issue involved many of ostrich1414's allies, as Lord1, on behalf of the Church of Francis, used a perceived lack of religious freedom to bar Wilburians from certain areas of the city, practically overtaking the city for his own. Tensions reached their climax when Lord1 killed nddragoon and GummyBearz14, as well as launching an unofficial crusade against the Francillian doubters of Sigil; the base was now unsafe as violence brewed, and the coordinates had been leaked. Ostrich1414, who was repeatedly DM'd on Discord about this, decided it was time to return: on January 17th, 2020, ostrich1414 traveled to Sigil and griefed the Church of Francis temple in retaliation for their actions towards the Wilburians and innocent Sigil civilians. Ostrich1414 then began to attack Lord1 and Cutman as a short battle ensued, although this was later dissolved as an armistice was declared.

Francis Grief at Sigil.png

Despite the toll this conflict took on the city of Sigil and relations between Lord1 and other BC members, the Sigil Conflict had actually proven to be vital for ostrich1414: it renewed his interest in the server, bringing excitement and thrill back into the game for him.

This was made even more clear when, literally a day later, The Second Siege began, also known as "The Hispanic Panic". This was a server-wide event initiated in response to the growing threat that a MrCramYT, a Spanish YouTuber with over 50,000 subscribers, would make a video on SimPvP that would ultimately bring an influx of players online and make the lag and playability even worse than it already was. Thus, despite the many instances of strife and war on the server, everyone unified together despite their differences and began to work together and make spawn impenetrable, ensuring that new players could not leave it. In fact, TheOnlySlash (who had organized the Second Siege) made ostrich1414 a member of the Inner Council of the event, and ostrich1414 played a major role in bringing forth more players to the cause. Ultimately, the Second Siege was successful in stopping MrCramYT from making the video, and the event as a whole became the largest gathering of SimPvP players at one location in server history.

Siege II Group 1.png

Once again, ostrich1414 was back and reinvigorated, happy to be playing on SimPvP again after the excitement of mid-January.

Return to Form: War and Peace

By mid-January, there were still two major issues plaguing ostrich1414: he was both poor and homeless, primarily due to the loss of Yittrium. As such, he decided to establish a brand-new megacity on January 24th, 2020, known as the City of the Divine Lord, Wilbur, or "Wilburia" for short. Wilburia would be the first official base created specifically by and for the Order of Wilbur, nearly six years after the religion was formed. While Wilburia was originally meant to be a solo project, ostrich1414 later invited a small group of devout Wilburians: Zepheron, cheesy_chips22 and Porkington. The city grew rapidly, constructing a sizable, respectable city square by February 2020.

Wilburia February 7.png

Unlike Struthio, Florestria or Yittrium before it, Wilburia's strength was its small team. With only four players, three of which were primarily active, Wilburia quickly became one of the wealthiest and most powerful bases on SimPvP. Several skyscrapers, three major megastructures, and high-quality farms ranging from a gold farm, totem farm, and gunpowder farm would be constructed between January and April. Ostrich1414 had finally risen out of the ashes, becoming a wealthy player once more and no longer relying on feeding off of the rotten corpse of Yittrium.

Of course, the time between January - early-April 2020 had its major incidents. Perhaps the most important event was The Byzantium War, a war which ostrich1414 himself officially declared on February 23rd, 2020. The Byzantium War began way back in January 5th, when the members of Byzantium first raided Yittrium. While ostrich1414 and his former teammates were angered by this, they decided to move on. It wasn't until February when the members of Byzantium began mocking them for it that tensions truly began to rise. Passaconaway renamed his alt account to "RIPYittrium2020", and later leaked the city's coordiantes on that same account. This incident is what truly sparked the beginnings of the war, leading ostrich1414 to recruit a few loyalists and raid Byzantium's former base, Triterrus, in response.

Triterrus Raid.png

By February 23rd, the war truly picked up. With tensions rising and anger and mockery consuming the chat, ostrich1414 and his allies returned to Triterrus, this time severely and irreparably griefing it. War was immediately declared between Byzantium and "New Israel" (the informal name given to ostrich1414 and his allies), and the Byzantium War would be known as a war of griefing. Not long after the grief of Triterrus, Byzantium would severely grief Yittrium on February 25th, as well as later griefing Antzakes1's invisible base on March 28th. While these three major griefings would mark the severity of the war, no actual battles took place, and fighting was brought to a minimum, leaving much of the war empty and inactive.

Triterrus Grief 1.png Yittrium Grief 2.png

Eventually, things would soon die down for the Byzantium War. Two major peace conferences took place: the Quinsigamond Peace Conference on February 27th, and the Turtle Beach Peace Conference on March 29th. The first of the two was only between ostrich1414, VetoTheNeato and Byzantium, but the second was between the major parties of New Israel and Byzantium, bringing the war to an end. It was decided that there would be no "winners" or "losers" of the war, and that all parties would move on peacefully, as well as to forgive each other for the atrocities that occurred. With the Byzantium War now ending, ostrich1414 was a veteran of three wars. While not as violent as the War of Monarchia or the Holy Wilbur-Francis War, the Byzantium War was the first war where ostrich1414 had truly felt anger and betrayal.

Quinsigamond Peace Conference 1.png Peace Conference 4.png

Outside of working on his city Wilburia and partaking in the Byzantium War, ostrich1414 engaged in other activities as well, typically related to diplomatic relations. Ostrich1414 was one of the many participants of the Simpvp Summit on February 23rd, representing his city Wilburia. He was also forced to confess to the griefing of North Koria (Base), later reconciling with Korijenkins at the Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit on February 3rd. In early March, ostrich1414 participated in #WitherWeek at Segoria, assisting his Segorian allies in finally finishing the massive wither skeleton farm they had started in 2018. Ostrich1414 was also a soldier during the very short Second Invasion of Lordtopia on April 9th, although he was blown up by an end crystal within less than a minute of battle.

Struthian-North Korian Peace Summit.png WitherWeek.png

Perhaps the most important moment of January-April 2020 for ostrich1414 was when he became the newest official admin of SimPvP on February 28th, 2020. For many years, Yukarion, DakkaDok and MisterStrawman had been the only admins on the server, but their decreasing activity had led to the pursuit of a new admin. Ostrich1414's vast playtime, experience and activity on SimPvP led him to become a prime candidate, and eventually, led to him becoming the fourth active admin.

A Man Both Jaded and Weary

As the year 2020 proved to be a chaotic one, ironically both in SimPvP and in real life, ostrich1414 found himself once again growing exhausted and unmotivated. Although the end of the Byzantium War had promised ostrich1414 a new period to focus on his blossoming city, Wilburia, things would not be as pleasant as he originally envisioned. Nonetheless, between April to mid-May, Wilburia became one of ostrich1414's greatest cities to date: a city of high quality, wealth, power, and grandeur. Motivated by the flaws and pitfalls of his previous two megacities, Struthio and Yittrium, the one thing maintaining his interest in SimPvP was the growth of Wilburia.

Wilburia May 7 Part I.png

Between April 15th and April 16th, a sudden crisis would occur that once again threatened peace and stability: The Stonetown Incident. After attempting to annex Stonetown on behalf of Wilburia, primarily due to its historic and religious significance, ostrich1414 was "betrayed" by Porkington after he instead gave the deed to Stonetown to Lord1. Soon after, Lord1 annexed Stonetown and converted it into a Francillian colony -- something ostrich1414 was strongly against due to Stonetown's stance as the base where the Order of Wilbur was founded. This resulted in Wilburia taking back Stonetown, threatening the Francillians, and a back-and-forth ensued: each group would remove the other's decorations and temporarily occupy the land. In fact, this crisis got so heated that it almost led to yet another Holy Wilbur-Francis War, and both sides were gearing for battle.

Stonetown Annex 1.png Stonetown Annex 6.png

However, neither ostrich1414 nor Lord1 truly wanted another war. After attending a peace treaty to ease tensions, ostrich1414 was confronted by a sudden imposing and outlandish questions by Lord1, in which he asked: "Are you CranberryWarrior?" Although this may have seemed like a bizarre question to ask by most players, it was not; ostrich1414 admitted that he was indeed CranberryWarrior, and had been since 2017. Ostrich1414 had been using CranberryWarrior behind-the-scenes as a secret alt account, using it to infiltrate other groups and bases, and to gather information. Some of these groups included The Fellowship, Asguard, North Koria, and Lord1's own Church of Francis. Using CranberryWarrior, ostrich1414 had insided as a loyal Francillian since the summer of 2019; now, in April 2020, he was officially exposed. In return for the distrust he had caused, ostrich1414 gifted Lord1 with the CranberryWarrior account, and Lord1 turned it into a brand-new alt for himself, Lard2.

CranberryWarrior Last Words.PNG

After almost entering yet another war and exposing his secret alt account, the final blow would occur for ostrich1414 that led him to enter a state of hopelessness and non-inspiration on May 6th, 2020. For a few weeks prior, the members of Wilburia, especially ostrich1414 himself, had suspicions that AntHand and egnaroky of the Caudices had access to their city. Unfortunately, these suspicions were revealed to be true: on May 6th, both egnaroky and AntHand showed up to Wilburia in person, declaring that they were incorporating the city into their new "Caudicean Empire". This angered ostrich1414 severely, who felt both betrayed by his allies and sickened that he was losing yet another megacity, his third in a row.

Caudices at Wilburia.png

Their city now compromised, ostrich1414 and the other Wilburians abandoned the city entirely, only using it sparingly for farms and resources. Tensions between the Caudices and the rest of the server would only worsen when they proceeded to annex Takyon, Wilburia's sister city which ostrich1414 had very close relations with. In his final act of disobedience against the Caudices, ostrich1414 attended a server party at Takyon on May 8th where dozens of players toured the city one last time before severely griefing it. This also resulted in a minor skirmish between themselves and the Caudices, to no avail.

Takyon Party 1.png Takyon Party 3.png

By mid-May, ostrich1414 was jaded, weary, exhausted, and most of all, demotivated. The loss of Wilburia felt more routine than devastating, as he had lost Struthio and Yittrium before it. Ostrich1414 also felt displaced in the new server environment, which became increasingly tense and angry; wars were far more common now, and strife and drama occurred at a much more alarming rate. Needing to take a break from SimPvP for a while, ostrich1414 departed on yet another one of his frequent hiatuses, only logging on periodically for server maintenance, hoping to focus on real life.

Unfortunately, real life sucked too (2020 was kind of a lame year, ngl).

Searching for Meaning

After the Wilburia incident, ostrich1414 didn't log on for much of May or June, only properly returning to the server in late June. His first major step back into the server life was his brief participation at the Second SimPvP Summit on June 20th, although even this was very short-lived. Ostrich1414 had become severely unmotivated and uninspired, with no main base to his name and no direction. Fortunately, this mentality was somewhat remedied with his induction into The Republic--a brand new team with the goal of decreasing Lord1's influence on SimPvP, as well as the Church of Francis as a whole. The Republic also aimed to focus on public works projects at and around spawn, improving the environment for all.

Of course, an entire team largely targetting one player has disastrous effects. On June 23rd, several members of the Republic griefed Two Words, the Church of Francis' primary base. Ostrich1414, while not a part of the grief, was considered a major suspect for leaking it due to his knowledge of the coordinates thanks to CranberryWarrior. The grief, and this rumor, would ultimately lead Lord1 and Wawuwiva to target and grief ostrich1414's longest-lasting base on SimPvP, Stonetown. That same day, on June 23rd, Stonetown was mercilessly griefed and destroyed, ending its six year lifespan.

Stonetown Grief 1.png Stonetown Grief 2.png

Although dismayed and saddened by this loss, ostrich1414 urged himself to continue playing on SimPvP and supporting the Republic's endeavors. On July 13th, ostrich1414 began a brand-new solo project: a unique landmark called Inferno. Inspired by places like Craftablia and The Graveyard, Inferno consisted of a specifically-placed pattern of 3-block-high netherrack pillars, with fire lit on top of each of them, covering an entire landmass. Inferno was constructed with no other goal in mind than creating yet another unique spawn landmark for players to enjoy, and to boost the Republic's image as more of a public works group. Ostrich1414 also participated in another Republic-affiliated public works project, this time assisting 4Pilot and Zepheron in repairing the public end portal area.

Inferno 1.png End Boys.png

Despite his lack of motivation to work on yet another base, ostrich1414 was ironically invited to three new bases during this period: Shakatak Mycelia on June 23rd, Exultia on June 29th, and Belgium on July 21st. At Shakatak Mycelia, ostrich1414 was inducted into the base's primary team, Shakatak, organized by Burger_Malone. Unfortunately, ostrich1414 would be very inactive here, primarily due to his lack of motivation and skillset required to build in the town's architectural standard. The same would go for Exultia, yet another base ostrich1414 participated at very minimally. In Exultia's case however, the base would not last very long; there was an overwhelming sense of burnout and inactivity within the entire base population, resulting in many members, including ostrich1414, to respectfully drop out near the end of the summer. Of these three bases, Belgium would be ostrich1414's most active participation--although even this was somewhat minimal. Joining the North Koria (Clan) alongside TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, and HedgehogMind, ostrich1414 assisted in some large scale projects at Belgium, primarily related to base expansion.

ShakOst.png Belgium Crew.png

Perhaps the moment that truly brought ostrich1414 back into the SimPvP mindset, and reintroducing his inspiration to play, was his participation in SKRT, or the Sim Kast Removal Team. Starting on August 23rd, 2020, the Sim Kast Removal Team was founded by the GS Trading Co. in order to completely renovate and repair spawn after years of abuse, destruction, and lavacasting. Ever since 2019, spawn had been suffocated by intense lavacasts, so the massive organized team of SKRT worked around the clock to dismantle these features using various methods, from TNT dupers to mining to simple TNT placement. Several SKRT members also focused on draining much of the water cubes that had been left over from Operation Moist Boiz I and II, trying to dry out spawn. After only a week of renovation, SKRT's goals were a resounding success: spawn was completely different than it had been before, with much more space around the protected zone. This was the moment where ostrich1414 truly became engaged with the server yet again.

SKRT Crew.png Revamped Spawn.png

As the summer began to dwindle and lead into fall, ostrich1414 became more active on SimPvP and participated in a myriad of smaller events. On August 7th, ostrich1414 and Zepheron became two of the many players to participate in the glitch abuse of Dragon Eggs, each obtaining a dragon egg (although these were later destroyed due to a new ruling). On August 30th, ostrich1414 was also one of the founding members of Palau, a short-lived base that only lasted around 24 minutes before it devolved into the chaotic Massacre of Palau when TheOnlySlash killed Qyburn_ and bedtrapped Paul358.

Ost and Zeph Dragon Egg.png Massacre of Palau 4.png

A Tale of Two Cities

While much of ostrich1414's 2020 summer had been characterized by a lack of motivation, disillusionment, and no real sense of purpose as a result of the Wilburia incident, things soon changed by the fall when he joined two brand new cities. In September, ostrich1414 co-founded Quabbin, and in October, he joined Void City; both of these bases would become his primary sources of focus for the latter half of 2020.

Quabbin was co-founded by ostrich1441 and AntHand on September 2nd after the two wanted to reunite and find a common ground after Wilburia, using the base as an excuse to warm relations. They were soon joined by egnaroky, MoWobbler, JESUS_warrior69, and cmlove. Much like ostrich1414's previous cities, specifically Struthio and Yittrium, Quabbin became yet another ever-growing megacity characterized by its modern aesthetic. Ostrich1414, once again motivated to build after months, began work on his signature modern cityscape, cultivating a unique skyline with several skyscrapers and farms in a central riverside island known as "Quabbin Center". Around him, the other Quabbin members created their own unique contributions, from MoWobbler's Sphere City to AntHand's Area 69 to cmlove's Zoo Wee Mama.

Quabbin November 4.png

About a month after Quabbin, ostrich1414 formally joined his next base, Void City. Founded by Korijenkins on October 3rd, Void City is notable for being located in the End, and an unofficial expansion of the Belgium team. At Void City, ostrich1414 was also joined by Belgium regulars TheOnlySlash and HedgehogMind, as well as old allies he had not based with in years, including clipchip, JavelinFury, and dariepearjuicy. Void City features a cyberpunk aesthetic, using the End dimension as a juxtaposition for futuristic space-like builds and towers. Much like at Quabbin, ostrich1414 would construct several skyscrapers and farms here, using his knack for modern builds to the city's advantage.

Void Citiots.png

Of course, Quabbin and Void City were not ostrich1414's only activities during this time. Between September and early December, ostrich1414 engaged in several battles, meet-ups, events, and spawn projects.

In September, ostrich1414 engaged in two major battles. The first was the Battle of Swampland on September 15th, a classic Church of Francis versus Order of Wilbur battle, between Lord1, xexc, and James8B versus ostrich1414, MoWobbler, and ElectricChugg. While this battle would go on for over an hour, and ostrich1414 and MoWobbler were able to successfully defend themselves, the Order of Wilbur ultimately lost: ElectricChugg had been killed early in the battle, and after an hour or losing resources, the two remaining Wilburians were forced to flee. The second was the Battle of Suit's tower on September 29th, a spur-of-the-moment battle between Lord1, ostrich1414, and _Goujon_ versus AntHand, Sellout9, and Cutman. Unlike the previous battle, this one was extremely short, with ostrich1414's emerging victorious within minutes.

Bos.png Battle of Suit's Tower.png

On October 6th, ostrich1414 and a coalition of other players teamed up to grief Azpipia, a spawn base partially created by Azdin. This was done in response to Azdin's negligent removal of several spawn landmarks, returning them to vanilla Minecraft terrain as if nothing had ever been built there. There were also several parties attended by ostrich1414, including Barrier Town, Wassrïge Hólle Trei, and MoWobbler's Second Annual Halloween Tomb Event at Yittrium. Perhaps the highlight of these player get-togethers was the one year anniversary of the end of the Holy Wilbur-Francis War, where ostrich1414 and several war veterans and Francillians/Wilburians met up in Verillium to reflect on the carnage that had occurred one year ago.

Barrier Town 1.png Holy War One Year 2.png

On December 4th, ostrich1414, along with MoWobbler and SkullerG, completed Suidae Temple: the Order of Wilbur's first major spawn temple. Rising from the depths of the ocean from a 3x3 circular grid, Suidae Temple was the first major act of the Order of Wilbur in months, and a fine addition to their collection of temples.

Suidae Temple Shader 1.png

The Imperial War

Between December 10th, 2020 and January 28th, 2021, ostrich1414 participated in what would become one of the most violent, destructive wars in SimPvP history: The Imperial War. What began as a "larp" war for some soon devolved into an unprecedented arms race of destruction between the Church of Francis and the wartime-exclusive loose collective of players known as the People's Coalition, composed of numerous SimPvP teams united against the COF. While the ambush and murder of Sellout9 and SimCoin in early December 2020 would be the true catalyst for war, many players (including ostrich1414 himself) were growing frustrated with the COF's reign of imperialism and terror, with specific incidents like "Operation Red Terror" leaving a sour taste in their mouths, and the relentless ambushing of unaffiliated players began to wear thin. Ostrich1414 himself had a historic rivalry with the Church of Francis, and was thus propelled into the creation of the People's Coalition to fight against what they saw as a force detrimental to the server. On December 10th, 2020, the People's Coalition officially declared war on the Church of Francis, targeting and griefing two of their spawn bases: Lakeside Lodge and Gibraltar Castle.

Lakeside Lodge 1.png PC 2.png

The first half of the Imperial War would largely be characterized by back-and-forth griefs of inactive, yet still prized, PC and COF affiliated bases, as well as various skirmishes and small guerrilla battles in both /world and spawn. The COF would grief some of ostrich1414's own former bases during this time, including New Oberstein, Tol Honeth, and Florestria, as well as other smaller PC-affiliated bases. The PC would strike back, griefing Bitchport, RBC Spawn Base, and Swaglabs. Of course, much of the true action during this period of the war took place in /world, where countless skirmishes between PC and COF troops took place. While each side of the war had its own strengths and weaknesses, there seemed to be no clear winner in sight yet.

Pitchport 2.png Major World Fight 2.png

The second half of the war, however, proved to be much more detrimental to both the participants on both sides, as well as the server itself. The first major controversy struck when the COF raided and griefed Goldforge Citadel, the first major active base of the war to be targeted. This left countless PC members homeless, enraging them. Soon after, the YMP base Axetown was targeted by the COF. Wartime "battles" would decrease at this time, with fewer and fewer PC-COF combat; several PC members withdrew from the war for personal reasons while the COF attempted to negotiate peace, only to be turned down by the still-furious PC. Eventually, the next major base to fall would be at the hands of the PC on January 11th when they raided and annexed Three Words, Lord1 and Tenced's main base at the time. While this crippled any hope of an immediate peace, ostrich1414 found himself largely regretting the decision after partaking in it, viewing the ongoing war as an unwinnable vacuum of destruction for both sides simultaneously.

Three Words Raid 2.png

The last base to be targeted during the war, Pepe's Holy Land, was raided and annexed by the PC shortly before true peace negotiations began to take place. Soldiers on both sides of the war were growing weary and distraught with its outcome; numerous active, impressive bases like GFC and Three Words were falling, and they felt that more were to come if the crisis continued. While the PC had previously rejected the COF's negotiations, they once again attempted to agree to mutual terms by mid-to-late January, with ostrich1414 himself spearheading the peace talks between himself, AntHand, Lord1, Tenced, and CrackyJoe. Finally, after days of negotiating, both the PC and the COF were able to come to an agreement: on January 28th, 2021, the two once-warring teams decided to come together and officially declare peace, ending the Imperial War for good. A small peace conference was held at Gibraltar Castle (one of the first bases to be griefed during the war) where representatives from both sides met and signed treaties. After well over a month of destruction, chaos, and hatred, another major war had ended...yet some tensions remained.

Imperial War Peace 1.png Imperial War Peace 2.png


By the end of the Imperial War, ostrich1414 was at his lowest in terms of lack of motivation, lack of enthusiasm, disillusionment, and irritability. On January 19th, ostrich1414 and Zepheron were forced to grief the dormant remains of Wilburia after it was x-rayed a partially griefed by 39Y. Almost two weeks later, he, and the other members, were forced to abandon Quabbin as the city had become overrun with unaffiliated outsider players gaining access to coordinates, with some likely looking to damage the city as post-war retaliation. Furthermore, AntHand, ostrich1414's long-time ally, was embroiled in a massive controversy regarding the use of a wolf-tracking exploit with which he discovered Three Words, as well as Wilburia a year prior. Yukarion's decision not to punish AntHand left ostrich1414 in an uncomfortable position as an admin, and as a previous Three Words raider. Despite the war being over, ostrich1414 was drained.

Of course, post-Imperial War life was not all that bad. On February 4th, ostrich1414 was invited to join GS Trading Co.'s main base, Sternenfall Nochmal, which he arrived at after permanently departing from Quabbin. Sternenfall Nochmal was notable for the vast array of high-powered farms it possessed, from withers to obsidian to guardians to gold. However, Sternenfall Nochmal also had a growing urban sector, with many of its members constructing soaring skyscrapers and other city structures. Unfortunately, ostrich1414 would never truly build much at Sternenfall Nochmal, instead focusing on his budding map art obsession and assisting with farm-related projects. Ostrich1414 also spent some time at Void City again, finishing his long-dormant wool farm.

Ost and Skuller Sternenfall Nochmal.png

However, ostrich1414's major project during this period of time would be Riverwood: a small town established specifically for new players, recruiting them and getting them started with gear and materials. Founded by ostrich1414 on February 15th, the town prospered for the next two weeks, housing over a dozen brand new players who contributed to its growing expansion. Largely utilizing Imperial Architecture as its primary build style, Riverwood would become ostrich1414's sole focus for most of February as he assisted many new players in getting them started on the server. Soon afterwards, The Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis decided to use Riverwood as an opportunity to make peace and spread unity, both constructing temples in the town and, for once, living in harmony.

Riverwood Gang.png Riverwood February 26 II.png

Unfortunately by March 2021, Riverwood would decline in activity, and so would ostrich1414. His duties as admin had been largely outweighing his regular playtime, and, simply put, he had lost his passion for the server. Upon Riverwood's stagnation, ostrich1414 largely focused on building map arts, assisting others with small projects, or attending the occasional server event. On March 20th, 2021, ostrich1414 would help train MoWobbler as the newest SimPvP admin, a position which ostrich1414 himself pushed for. Ostrich1414 would also host the server's very first Map Art Competition throughout this month, with voting being held on April 1st. In total, thirteen map arts would be submitted, and forty-seven people would vote, making this competition a huge success. Ostrich1414 himself had even submitted an entry, "Portland Head Light", which came in second place.

Ost and Mo Admin.png

By early April, ostrich1414 was mentally drained. His latest project had been Iron Block, a literal 32x32 floating cube of iron blocks near spawn, built out of boredom. He had been invited to revisit Three Words upon the base's restoration thanks to the Base Restoration Policy, finally making amends with its members, although the incident still haunted him. Furthermore, ostrich1414 had no clear inspiration or ambition to continue with anything else, with his last project on the server being a refurbishment of a public spawn/end spawn portal with willowienal. On April 6th, 2021, ostrich1414 decided that it was best to take an extended hiatus and return to SimPvP when he was once again motivated and rejuvenated, marking this as yet another entry in his long list of hiatuses.

Iron Block 1.png Ost and Willow Portal.png



So uh, that "hiatus" only lasted around a week. Awkward.

After this week-long break, ostrich1414 would return to SimPvP, feeling slightly more motivated to play than he had prior to his departure. However, he was not as enthusiastic to play the server as he had once been months, or even years ago, and decided to lean in to a more casual approach of playing SimPvP. Around this time, ostrich1414's old ally cheesy_chips22 had finally returned from his own hiatus, and the two instantly reunited as they pondered the idea of starting a new Wilburian base, as they had worked together on Wilburia in 2020. Thus, on April 19th, 2021, the city of São Porco was officially founded: this would become the newest headquarters for the Order of Wilbur in their goal to reconstruct themselves and become much more active again. Numerous Wilburian members and allies would be invited to the city, including many former Quabbin and GFC members. Unlike many of ostrich1414's other bases, São Porco would embody a Brazilian-inspired theme, featuring tropical villages, favelas, hilly coasts, and cityscape inspired by the likes of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. Ostrich1414 himself would assist cheesy_chips22 in the construction of the city's favelas and villages, shying away from his usual modern style and going for a more unique South American rustic influence in building.

São Porco Squad New.png São Porco July 23 II.png

Aside from his new project at São Porco, ostrich1414 would focus on more fun and casual events throughout the next few months on SimPvP. The server's 10 year anniversary would arrive on April 23rd, 2021, with ostrich1414 hosting a still-life museum in the events world, showcasing dioramas of many past wars in the server's history. A few days later on May 2nd, 2021, he would also host the Server Party at Quabbin, a follow-up to his previous Server Party at Quinsigamond back in 2018. The party at Quabbin would become one of the largest gatherings of players in server history, with 27 people showing up to the abandoned city of Quabbin (with ostrich1414 public revealing the coordinates for all to access). While the party would largely run smoothly, OperatorUltra's arrival would result in the deaths of a few party guests, including ostrich1414 himself, and a minor battle taking place. Later, on May 5th, ostrich1414 would be invited to the base Dreamscape by SkullerG, a small medieval-inspired village at the world border. Although his activity here would be minor and temporary, he nonetheless managed to construct two buildings.

Server Party at Quabbin Gang.png Server Party at Quabbin 2.png Ostrich1414 Dreamscape.png

Arguably the most important event during this time period would occur on June 7th, 2021 when, after over two years of being bitter rivals who had been to war twice, the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis (then still the Holy States of Francis) officially became allies together. This was a historic peace agreement as both Wilburians and Francillians had been notorious enemies on the server for years, but their post-Imperial War relations had become much more cordial as there proved to be no real benefit to their rivalry in this new era. A large peace summit between the two parties was held as representatives from both the Order of Wilbur and the Church of Francis showed up to discuss terms of peace and alliance, steps for the future, and finally to sign a historic treaty of mutual partnership, with ostrich1414 and Lord1 signing on behalf of their respective parties. Finally, these once-rivals were friends.

OOW-COF Summit 1.png OOW-COF Summit 2.png OOW-COF Summit 3.png

Despite these monumental events, all was not well for ostrich1414. He was once again growing tired of SimPvP; unmotivated, disinterested, and disillusioned. By this point, he was beginning to notice a pattern in his lack of enjoyment for the server he had called "home" for almost seven years now; times have changed, and he was growing more cynical and unhappy. Much of this negativity was directly derived from ostrich1414's position as SimPvP's most active admin, a title he had been privately irritated by for months. Wanting to return to a more casual playstyle free from the stress and responsibilities of adminship, ostrich1414 submitted a two-week's notice to Yukarion in June 2021, and later resigned on July 7th. After serving as an admin for over a year, ostrich1414 had found that the once-coveted title had degraded him down to a shell of his former self. SimPvP was becoming less and less enjoyable, and the increasing toxicity and bitterness raging throughout the server was a major turn-off. Finally a regular player again, ostrich1414 became less active on the server as he focused on smaller projects here and there, from map arts to minor work around São Porco. Still, despite his depressive state worsening, his resignation as admin had lifted a major weight off of his shoulders.

Ostrich1414 Last Day as Admin.png


As the server further descended into chaotic toxicity and immorality, ostrich1414's own enjoyment of the server would be continuously tested and regressed. Much of this was due to a heated drama brewing within the server, a drama which ostrich1414 would be reluctantly dragged into. By July 22nd, 2021, the Order of Wilbur would forge an official three-part alliance with the Church of Francis and GS Trading Co., establishing the G.S.F.W. super-alliance. However, the Order of Wilbur's newfound diplomatic association with these two groups would involve it in an increasingly bitter rivalry with YMP; a few weeks earlier, the Church of Francis and GS Trading Co. had griefed Cope Town, a base in which two YMP members lived. However, even earlier than this, YMP had griefed Riverwood, the OOW and COF's joint spawn base. As such, the OOW would be dragged into this conflict, a conflict which would be made official when, on August 23rd, YMP griefed Sternenfall Nochmal--GS Trading Co.'s second main base which ostrich1414 had been a member of--and declared war against all three members of the G.S.F.W. Later that same day, ostrich1414 would participate in the raid and grief of Skyreach in retaliation for Sternenfall Nochmal. Still, despite this, ostrich1414 would participate very little in the ensuing conflict; on behalf of the OOW, he refused to recognize the "war", and even made attempts to stall aggression and even forge friendliness. One of these attempted acts of avoiding war was his peace conference with Nikoxlas, the leader of the Confederacy of Man (which, at the time, was also at war with the COF), in order to forge an alliance with the OOW and eventually make peace; unfortunately, this attempt failed.

OOW-COM Conference.png Skyreach Grief.png

As the conflict, dubbed "The Big War" by YMP, continued, ostrich1414 attempted to further isolate himself from it, despite his clear affiliation with the G.S.F.W. Still, the drama was inescapable. One of the members of São Porco, bruno_vera, was also a YMP member--a fact that made the rest of the city's members nervous due to YMP's obsession with griefing it. Ostrich1414, like many other São Porco members, felt that the city's demise was inevitable, and thus preferred to take its destruction into their own hands rather than by a rival group like YMP. Thus, on August 28th, ostrich1414 and several other Wilburians self-griefed São Porco after having raided it, preventing YMP from doing any damage to the city. Unfortunately, the worst of the conflict was yet to come; on September 21st, GS Base #3 (GS's main base at the time) was raided and destroyed by YMP after having been leaked by Redbaron1991, prompting much of GS to leave the server or take a hiatus. By this point in time, ostrich1414 had almost completely isolated himself from the conflict, having no interest in the drama or politics at play, and, instead, wishing to be left alone. Still, he was saddened by GS's departure from SimPvP, as he had forged a long-term alliance with them for over a year.

São Porco Before Grief.png São Porco Grief 2.png

Despite the grief of São Porco and the very destructive conflict with YMP, ostrich1414 would still find time to enjoy himself on SimPvP--with what little enjoyment he had left. On August 21st, along with AntiFreezeFluid, ostrich1414 founded the city of Gosnold, an island base located roughly 7k from spawn. Despite its close proximity to spawn, the city grew to be massive, and ostrich1414 invited every member of the Order of Wilbur and several members of the COF and GS. For a little over a month, Gosnold would flourish into a huge megacity, complete with skyscrapers, temples, and a massive offshore statue. Of course, due to only being 7k from spawn, ostrich1414 knew that Gosnold would not last very long, and he was proven correct when, on October 1st, it was severely griefed by OperatorUltra, OperatorLucid, and OperatorDeimos. Other than Gosnold, ostrich1414 would also help found the more permanent city of New Yittrium, the direct successor to São Porco. Shortly after self-griefing São Porco, ostrich1414 and a few of its active remaining members--MoWobbler, cheesy_chips22, willowienal, ElectricChugg, and GentleGiant69--would move to this new city and establish several farms and buildings, quickly replacing what had been destroyed at their previous base.

Gosnold Boolin.png Gosnold September 24.png New Yittrium Gang.png

Unfortunately, ostrich1414 would begin to decline in activity at both New Yittrium and on the server in general, instead logging on periodically to explore spawn bases or to AFK at farms. With very little interest or incentive to keep playing, ostrich1414 felt that both the server's climate, and his previous enjoyment of it, had been degraded by meaningless conflict. Much like the outcomes of every other SimPvP war, ostrich1414 was once again plunged into a state of disillusionment, although this time, it had been a brewing disillusionment that had reached its climax thanks to the commonality of toxicity and the mass exodus of server regulars. In his eyes, SimPvP was entering another dark age.

Fan Art

Ostrich1414 is a sexy motherfucker, which has prompted several SimPvP players to create amazing fan art about him:

Facts About ostrich1414

  • He became an official server admin on February 28th, 2020, and then later resigned on July 7th, 2021, serving for roughly a year and a half.
  • His player skin is based off of Jules Winnfield from Pulp Fiction.
  • As of October 15th, 2021, he has played on SimPvP for 10455.7 hours (holy fuck).
  • He is the founder of the oldest consistently-active team on the server, The Order of Wilbur (since 2014).
  • He has had two secret alt accounts: CranberryWarrior between December 2017 and April 2020, and AntiFreezeFluid between April and May 2020.
  • He has created twelve Map Arts: "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy", "#NEGang", "FORTNITE!", "SimPvP Players", "Remember Wilbur", "Mia Khalifa", "$19 Fortnite Card", "Sellout9's Quality Products", "Portland Head Light", "OSTrich", "Wilbur Will Guide You", and "Lauryn Hill".
  • He has a YouTube channel where he regularly posts SimPvP content: [2]
  • He has written and/or edited a large majority of the articles and pages on this wiki.
  • He's a black Masshole from the greatest city on Earth (Boston) and has an affinity for shitposting.