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In-game name: Lord1
Alts: Bruv420, Agent_Imperial
Status: Active
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First joined: February 28th, 2019
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Location: England
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Clans: Listed Below,
Fellowship of the Kittens (F),
Empire of Odin (F),
Shadow Mcmafia (F),
YeeterMyPeeter (F),
Bloc for Clans (F),
G.S.F.W. (F),
Anti-Racism Coalition,
Melon Boiz Inc.™,
Church of Francis 
Bases: Listed Below,
Lord1's Cabin,
Turtle Beach,
New Hammerhall,
Vulpes Den,
2 Words,
Nova Prospekt,
Three Words,
Bodacious Sneeze,
Bestia Papa,
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Lord1 joined in early 2019 and is known for being illiterit.



Lord1 first joined on the 28th of February 2019, with his first base was Lord1's Cabin created on the 2nd of march. He left Lord1's Cabin to meet MrMeeps at Turtle Beach. After a few days they founded the base Kittenspear and created the Fellowship of the Kittens (FOK) with Bacon_15.


FOK's reign was short and during it's lifetime it saw the rise of 2 medium sized bases and 2 other smaller ones, including the capital city of Syracusai where a mysterious sheep called Francis was found...

During the same time, another group became prominent, another Fellowship, The Fellowship. The similar names of the two clans sparked controversy and after a failed assassination attempt, The War of the Fellowships would begin. Whilst the war itself was more of a cold war, the rivalry kindled between Lord1 & TheOnlySlash would echo throughout simpvp for 2 years. This rivarly would be cause for 3 other wars.

The betrayal of AtacFauxPas through Kojed would set about the collapse of the kittens. Lord wanted to start his own clan but this failed pretty miserably so he joined YeeterMyPeeter. Enraged and heartbroken at Jake276493's ban, Lord organised and started YMP Crusade. After the end of the crusade, Lord1 left YMP and later started the Church of Francis with Tenced at New Hammerhall.


The Holy War

On October 17th, ostrich1414 would declare a holy crusade against the Church of Francis on behalf of The Order of Wilbur.


The war would last for 1 month and 1 day, with 9 total battles taking place. At first Lord1 was hopeful, he successfully commanded his men to victory during a lot of the first battles, but as his wealth started to run out so did his victories. After crucial losses at the Battle of Monarchia and Syracusai, Lord had run out of helmets so he did the only thing he could do and the Church of Francis surrendered.

This surrender would be officialised at the 2nd Summit of Verillium.

The Order of Wilbur Victory 4.png

The Intervention War

In September 2019, the Church of Francis had been invited to join the Bloc for Smaller Clans (later the Bloc for Clans). Lord1 agreed to join the BC and as the leader of the largest clan within the Bloc, Lord has acquired himself a useful puppet.

Many older players saw the end of the Holy War as their time for war, with JavelinFury (the then Fuhrer of MCMAFIA) even asking Lord if he would take his side should Jav start a war. Lord declined and instantly started preparing the BC to fight MCMAFIA should it start a war.

On November 23rd 2019, the BC decided to pre-emptively strike MCMAFIA, raiding MC CAPITAL and thus begins the Intervention War. TheOnlySlash, still hating Lord1 took this oppitunity to join MCMAFIA's side in the war.


The war lasted until February 2020, with player casualties in the 20's and 9 bases destroyed as a result. In a controversial move, the BC voted to leave the war but the conflict was far from over.


Early January saw the biggest spike in anti-Lord1 sentiment since the Holy War, as a complex political disaster would occur commonly known as The Sigil Conflict. Lord was given the opportunity to fix his reputation by participating in The Second Siege during the first Hispanic Panic. Here he would kill the famed MrCram and earn himself a Siege medal of honour.

Siege II Group 1.png

On the 23rd of February, Lord1 attended the 2020 Simpvp Summit, in which he represented the newly founded base 'Two Words' as well as the Bloc for Clans and the Church of Francis. During the summit Lord1 was officially pardoned for The Sigil Conflict and signed the non aggression pact.

SimPvP Summit 2.png

During the same time Lord took part in The Byzantium War, most notably the Triterrus grief and then later the Turtle Beach peace conference (he also drowned a Byzantine spy xD). After the war, The Commonwealth would join the Bloc for Clans.

Triterrus Grief 1.png

At this point Lord1 still took part in the BC but ever since Sigil, never had the same power over it. This and Caudices getting kicked for annexing Takyon & Wilburia saw the BC at it's weakest point since its founding, so Lord with help from CheesyChips would seize ownership and 'Absorb' whatever was left of it. Whilst no members would be integrated out of the Bloc, the Church of Francis would use it's political senate as inspiration for the Imperial Senate. This can be seen as the start of the First Imperial age of Francis and the start of the Holy Francillian Empire.

Whilst this was happening, Lord1's enemies watched with anger and anxiety, they banded together under The Republic to try challenge Lord1 and the Church's power. This would lead to what is sometimes called the 'Republic-Francis Proxy War'.

For a few months, the Republic caused carnage on the Francillians, obliterating both Olgremont and Two Words whilst Exultia tried it's hardest to draw customers away from Lord1's MBI trading company. In a fit of rage against the republic, Lord & Wawuwiva griefed Stonetown, Wilburian Holy Land & ancient Simpvp base. This both outraged the Simpvp community as well as the Republic.

Power gain & Tyranny

Lord took a hiatus during Mid 2020 as a result of simpvp outrage at his actions, but would secretly rejoin on his alt 'Bruv420' and would start construction of Three Words with Tenced.

In September 2020, Lord1 wanted to take action against those he thought guilty of leaking 2 Words as well as others that had done him harm during 2020. Under the code name Operation Red Terror, the Imperial Church griefed 7 bases made by suspected rebels. (the simpvp community didn't like that either!)

During one of the last griefs, Lord1 found out that ElectricChugg was stationed at a spawn base. Without hesitation Lord1 turned up and killed him. In response, Ostrich backed Chugg and challenged the Francillians to a battle. Lord agreed and this would be the first time Francillians and Wilburians had clashed in battle since the Sigil Conflict. After a hour, the Francillians claimed a decisive win. This would be known as the Battle of Swampland.


(Above: Lord1 killing Electrichugg and popping Ostrich1414)

In October 2020, most notably the finding and battle of Mavossa would take place. Where Lord and Tenced spent many weeks searching for the city built by the suspected leaker of Two Words, Lord Pasta. Eventually the city would be found, however rather inconveniently, Lord Pasta would leak the city the same day as it was planned to be griefed, leading to the battle of Mavossa where a handful of Lord-haters would show up to the city in a effort to protect it, causing Lord to run away. Lord, Tenced and Xexc would show up to the city a couple of days later, griefing it and renaming it to Amsterdamn.

November 2020 saw the 1 year anniversary of the end of The Holy Wilbur-Francis War. Francillians and Wilburians came together to celebrate this at Verillium, which was the city where the peace conferences took place during the war. Also during November, a shithead player leaked a bunch of old and historic bases for no real reason, so Lord and other Francillians lead a grief against him, blowing up two of his bases.


The Imperial War

Throughout 2020, the Francillian Empire's growth was unstoppable and COF's control on the server was undeniable. Many who didn't support the cause or rebelled against it often found themselves griefed or killed, with Lord leading many of the operations.

The many enemies Lord had created over his 2 years on Simpvp all started coming back to the server, his doom was impending. The final straw to spark the huge uprising against COF was the killing of both Sellout9 and Anthand in /world after both had or had been perceived to have betrayed COF. The soon to be coalition were planning their attack shortly after, Lord heard of this a week prior to war declaration through spies and began to rally COF troops.

Unlike most of the wars Lord1 had fought, there wasn't one enemy to fight... There was 6.

Lord's grand plan for the war was to hold back on pvp and target as many bases as they could get their hands on as a way to irritate and lower moral of the PC forces. Whilst COF did this at first, their first engagement with PC forces motivated them to fight more, so a mixture of pvp battles and griefs would be utilised to try wear down the rebel opponents.

By this time Lord's motivation to pvp was at a sky high, but no other COF fighters would be on a lot of the time. Lord would go /world and fight small numbers of PC anyway, which only lead to more and more PC troops joining the fight. At one point Lord1 single handily fought 5-7 PC troops for almost an hour (what a god damn legend) using a evasive pvp style.

Major World Fight 2.png

It wasn't long until the Supreme General managed to organise his troops and prepare a assault on the PC. These huge team battles in /world between PC and COF would last around an hour, with almost all troops re-gearing every 15 mins or so. Most fights result in no casualties but a lot of popped totems and Lord was no exception, but he still managed to pop x2 more enemy totems.

Lord's spy network had extended so far into the PC's dirty rebel lines, Lord knew they're every move and would always be one step ahead. These networks also supplied Lord with coords to many of the enemies bases like GFC and Axetown, which weren't spared and shortly sacked. The war then went dark and nothing happened for days on end, Lord would use this downtime to try arrange peace but was never successful due to the PC's hidden rage and later illegal operations going on behind the scenes which would lead to the demise of the greatest Francillian city yet.

Three Words Ambush 2.png

On January the 11th, the People's Coalition raided Three Words which they found using a exploit they weren't allowed to use (and got away with!). Lord was left heartbroken and homeless, but was still willing to follow through with the PC's peace request (after they rejected Lord's peace request a day earlier so they could raid his city which they found with a exploit they weren't allowed to use (and got away with!). Peace was then achieved. At the end of the war, Lord had killed more people than anyone else. Which goes to show the true power of a fully trained and devout Francillian warrior.

The Imperial War was also the time Lord1 & TheOnlySlash finally made peace with eachother, which is seen as the end of 2 years of wars and proxy wars between the two.


After the fateful war, the Church of Francis changed to the Holy States of Francis and Lord invested a lot in clan projects. Like the FFWC (Francillian Friendship Work Camp), Bingo Boys, New Hammerhall Cathedral Refurbish, the Trade Federation and it's sub group, Simpvp Heritage. Lord would be a proud supporter of the #BanHand movement which aimed to get AntHand punished for using a base finding exploit illegally.

The anti-Anthand movement didn't go to waste as Yukarion would make 3 words private again. Lord1 would bring 20+ people to the base to fix it up and bring it back to life, for the next few months 3 words would become the HSOF Capital city.

2021-03-30 19.20.10.png

Lord1 wasn't keen on staying at Three Words however, so him, James8B and Tenced flew out in the End and created the mega city Bodacious Sneeze where Lord would stay throughout 2021.

Whilst there weren't a lot of big groups actively fighting Lord1 and HSOF, a small group called the 'Operators' would join sim and instantly became a pirating threat to all simpvp players. Lord would use this as a opportunity to keep his troops well trained by constantly fighting the operators in /world, this would literally go on for months.

Confederacy-Francis War

After months of inactivity, a handful of Anti-Francis spanish players would rejoin Sim and created their own clan, the Confederacy of Man. They instantly showed aggression to the Francillians, in retaliation HSOF declared war on COM. The start of the war is defined by shit talking in chat, until Father Xexc successfully infiltrated COM and gained coords to their capital city.

The eager Francillian army commanded by Xexc marched through a secret portal from spawn and obliterated the COM base. The war would turn quiet for a while whilst COM regrouped and regeared.


Lord Becomes Emperor

On the 8th of June, Pope CrackyJoe would abdicate his position due to inactivity and Lord1 was subsequently voted in as the next Pope. For the first time in Francis history, Lord1 was the official leader.

Whilst getting coronated, YMP would attack the ceremony. After a hour of battling near 100k 100k and in /world, the Battle for the Pope was over with 1-2 Francillians and 1 YMP dead.


Lord used the leader role of HSOF to reinstate the Francillian Empire and crown himself Emperor, whilst delegating the Pope title to Xexc.

End of the Confederacy-Francis War

The newly reformed Empire had been spying on the Confederacy for a while at this point, and had acquired a handful of coords. Lord1 commanded the attack against COM, griefing 3 of their bases.

Shortly after, the Confederacy of Man finally disbanded and the Empire of Francis claimed victory over the war.


Peace and Alliances

A few months earlier, the Order of Wilbur and the Holy States of Francis finally made peace after 2 years of bullying and wars. Secretly, high ranking Francillians, Wilburians and GS members had been talking about formalizing a super alliance between the three. This finally came true and G.S.F.W. was created. However rather unfortunately the super alliance first few months of creation was spent combating YMP's devastating griefing campaigns.

SimDrawing Final.png

But it wasn't all fighting, Lord would attend many events during this time and would increase the members in his ranks and helped fund and build new Francillian towns and cities.


Throughout the first months of 2022, mostly building would take place. Lard had killed a handful of rebels in this time but predominantly peaceful activities would occur.

International Lord1 Day

On the 28th of February, COF hosted a party to celebrate International Lord1 Day. 20 players attended to show their love.


Map Art Competition 2022

Lord took part in the 2022 map art competition, with a design provided by IAmTheSheriff, Lord built it and it went on to win the competition.


King of SimPvP

Continuing the trend of the earlier months of 2022, Lord continued expanding Bollock (his section of Raftel) whilst also dabbling with small scale pvp and participating in community events.


Lord is Crowned

After begging and recieving the crown of SimPvP by Yukarion, Lord hosted his coronation ceremony at the city of Bestia Papa.


20 players came to watch the King be crowned.

Notable Events

War of the Fellowships

YMP Crusade

1st annual BloodBowl

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

Intervention War

The Sigil Conflict

The Second Siege

The 2020 Simpvp Summit

The Byzantium War

The Stonetown Incident

The Republic-Francis Conflict

2nd Hispanic Panic

The Imperial War

Confederacy-Francis War

The GS-YMP Conflict

The Dominion-Francis Conflict

The Wasp War

Notable PvP Battles

YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle

The Second YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle during the Crusade [1]

YMP Crusader spawn skirmishes against The Siege

Battle of Quagsmaria

Invasion of / The battle of Golden Sun

Battle of the Capital

Battle of Java Linsghey

Battle of Fort Milknut

Battle of Andromeda

Battle of Snowfrog

Battle of Monarchia

Battle of Syracusai

Battle of Swampland

Battle of Suits Tower

Battle of Yittrium

Battle of Three Words

Battle for the Pope

Battle of Clover

Battle of Hole Base

Second Battle of Yittrium

Battle of Hamadale

Second battle of Three Words

Battle of Craftablia

Art and literature

Swagboi (book) - made 27/06/19.

Praise da Lord (map art) - made 20/07/19

Francis Almighty (map art) - made 05/08/19

The Holy Scroll: First Testament + Second Testament (books) - made 12/10/19 + 2020

Join the Empire! (map art)

Imperial Panel (map art)

H.S.O.F Logo (map art)

You were the chosen one (map art competition entry 2021)

Battle of Monarchia (map art competition winner 2022)

Fan Art