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Status: Active
First joined: February 28th 2019

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens (Former), Empire of Odin (Former), Shadow Mcmafia (Former), YeeterMyPeeter (Former), The Church of Francis the Almighty, Bloc for Smaller Clans
Bases: Lord1's Cabin, Turtle Beach, Kittenspear, Aurum, Syracusai, Hammerhall, Lordhaven, Asguard, Swaglabs, New Hammerhall, Francistan, Yittrium, Vulpes Den, Oneword

Lord1 joined in early 2019 and is known for being illiterate.


Lord1 first joined on the 28th of February 2019. His first base was Lord1's Cabin created on the 2nd of march. He left Lord1's Cabin to meet MrMeeps. After meeting MrMeeps at Turtle Beach, they founded the base Kittenspear and created the Fellowship of the Kittens (FOK) with Bacon_15. The collapse of the kittens caused Lord1 to merge his clan with another, then leave that clan and join YeeterMyPeeter. Enraged and heartbroken at Jake276493's ban, Lord organised and started YMP Crusade. After the end of the crusade, Lord1 left YMP and later started the Church of Francis with Tenced at New Hammerhall.

Lord then became a big part in the creation of the Bloc for Smaller Clans and resides as a delegate for the Church (of Francis). On October 17th, ostrich1414 started The Holy Wilbur-Francis War against the Church. This caused more conflicts and battles than any other war on Simpvp. Eventually, on the 19th of November, after their 6th defeat, Lord1, General of the Francillian military and Priest of the Church of Francis, officially surrendered the war at the 2nd summit of Verillium.

November - January, Lord was a big part in co-leading the Bloc against the Shadow Mcmafia and The Dominion during the Intervention War. That included co-leading the invasion of McCapital and BBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBixieland.

In early January 2020, Lord1 was invited to Sigil. A unknown at the time player raided his build and after interrogating and killing two people and a naked at the base, it was leaked by nddragoon. After a fair trial Lord1 was demoted in the Bloc for Clans and a number of retaliation griefs shorty took after by Lord. Not to long after that, The Second Siege started, Lord had a part to play in this as he was in charge of bombing the highways and helped the siege by killing new players as well as the highly wanted MrCram, earning Lord a Siege Medal of Honour.

Notable Events

War of the Fellowships

YMP Crusade

1st annual BloodBowl

The Holy Wilbur-Francis War

Intervention War

The Second Siege

Notable PvP Battles

YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle

The Second YeeterMyPeeter invasion of /world and defending the YMP castle during the Crusade [1]

YMP Crusader spawn skirmishes against The Siege

Battle of Quagsmaria

Church of Francis Invasion of Golden Sun

Battle of the Capital

Battle of Java Linsghey

Battle of BSC Fort Milknut

Battle of Andromeda

Battle of Snowfrog

Battle of Monarchia

Battle of Syracusai

Art and literature

Swagboi (book) - made 27/06/19.

Praise da Lord (map art) - made 20/07/19

Francis Almighty (map art) - made 05/08/19

The Holy Scroll: First Testament (book) - made 12/10/19